USCHI SACHSE, Befreit, 1976

One final record in this weeks   Alcohol & Cigarettes-theme. One that addresses the downside of indulgence.

It would be too easy to make fun of this record. And it wouldn`t be right, because I honestly like it, and because it is after all, a honest record. It makes me cringe listening to it, but I enjoy it.

Uschi Sachse was a alcoholic who sang about the trappings of alcohol and how God saved her. The simple snapshot image on the sleeve is kind of misleading, because Uschi is backed by a full orchestra and chorus. But it remains a simple song with a simple message.

I couldn`t find out anything about Uschi Sachse, but on the insert she thanks a local Berlin church for their “kind reception into their congregation”, so at least we know how the record ended up in Berlin…

USCHI SACHSE, Befreit, 1976


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