BERNHARD FRANK, Es ist mir egal, 1965

Flexi discs were the cheapest of all budget records. Their main purpose was to be sold cheaply or to be used for advertising. Pressed into thin plastic, cardboard or postcards, they were not even considered to be real records, but just disposable items that had no value whatsoever.

Granted, a lot of them were indeed garbage, but occasionally some jewels turned under the radar. I´ve been collecting flexi discs  by the  Okay, Okay Exquisit and Rondo budget labels that were manufactured by the Phonocolor company from Berlin-Lichterfelde for a while now and posted most of them last April.  Still, my biggest find I made only recently.

I couldn´t find any information on Bernhard Frank besides some SS-Obersturmbannführer that shared the same name. Why this record was not a hit escapes me. Maybe it was not a regular Okay Exquisit release or only pressed in a very small quantity. Believe me it`s great. I was really surprised when I listened to it for the first time. “Es ist mir egal” ( I don´t care) is a great angry Beat song with a slight Pretty Things influence. The B-side is somewhat tamer, like the Beatles. Great stuff!!!

Bernhard Frank, where are you today…???

BERNHARD FRANK, Es ist mir egal, 1965

BERNHARD FRANK, Nur eine Frage der Zeit, 1965

7 Comments on “BERNHARD FRANK, Es ist mir egal, 1965”

  1. I love “Nur eine Frage der Zeit”! It has a so fresh sound!
    It is really pity that artists like Bernhard Frank and their work are mercilessly condemned to oblivion…
    But at least through your rescueing deed, we can be aware of them.

  2. michaelvee says:

    eine echte BOMBE! beide Seiten 100%ige Killer! Phantastisch!

    mille grazie

  3. ray says:

    ich bin auch geplättet! ich wusste nicht, dass es damals so rotzige deutsche songs gab …
    überhaupt finde ich deinen blog sehr bereichernd, neben dem von john kricfalusi der einzige, den ich regelmäßig besuche.
    danke für die vielen tollen stücke!

  4. Eli says:

    First of all, Andi, I’m sorry I’ve not read this awesome blog in a while. It truly rocks, for many different reasons, not the least of which is it reminds me of your own personal awesome-ness. Now that my wintery-flat-search-drama is not consuming my life I can get down to enjoying….many things!! Including Bernard Frank!!!!…..dude is rockin’ my bones from the grave or maybe some old folks home in Gumtow (yes, of course I just looked at a fuckin’ map to find a cool-named German town). And also your crazy funny girlfriend givin’ you the third degree on your own blog (the nerve…but just shows how much she digs you). See you soon!!

  5. simply genius. where can i buy a copy.
    no doubt mega rare, and impossible to find in the states.

  6. Frasenschwein says:

    Kein Wunder – bei dem Text – dass das kein Erfolg war. So etwas (sollte der Song wirklich aus dem Jahr 1965 stammen) wie: “Es ist mir egal, ob du mich an- oder du dich verpisst” und “Verdammt noch mal” konnte und durfte doch gar nicht zu dieser Zeit im Radio und in der Öffentlichkeit gespielt werden. Hat schon etwas vom Punk.

  7. Bernhard says:

    I NEED A COPY!!!!

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