JO FISCHER, Sputnik Fly, 1968

This flexi disc was advertising for GASAG, the main gas company in Berlin that has been operating for 160 years.

The rock´n´roll instrumental Sputnik Fly appears on three different advertisement records that I`m going to post here. There is no group or orchestra name given, but it credits a Jo Fischer as having written the song. I couldn´t find any information at all about Jo Fischer on the Internet.

The GASAG slogan on this record is “Modern like the times we live in”, but Sputnik Fly sounds more like a left-over from the early 60`s. Oh well,  the German public was a lot slower back then…

The song is great though. Rock´n´Roll for the whole family!

JO FISCHER, Sputnik Fly, 1968

H.BENNING, Swing Low, 1968

F.KING, Beat, 1968

JO FISCHER, Schwarze Augen, 1968


5 Comments on “JO FISCHER, Sputnik Fly, 1968”

  1. Oh, my goodness! “SPUTNIK FLY”!!!
    I was searching for this melody like mad, but I had no idea how it was called…
    Thousand thanks for posting it, Andreas!!! You definitely made my day!

  2. mischalke04 says:

    That was easy! You`re welcome.
    How is the weather in Athens?

    Best wishes

  3. Today is splendid! Almost sommerlich!
    The previous days the attic sky was covered by a veil of african dust and was really awful… But today, April is bustin’ out all over…

    Beste Grüße

  4. Karel says:

    Nice found, Andreas, I just saw it :)

    It could be Orchester Ralf P. Gorden?

    Best regards,

  5. Karel says:

    ah, and that F*KING BEAT -> F. KING, Beat, 1968 :)))

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