Publik kommt anders als erwartet, 1968

publik-kommt-anders-als-erwartetpublik Sputnik Fly or Hot, or however our little Rock`n`Roll instrumental is called, makes another appearance on this advertisement record for the leftist catholic newspaper   Publik. This time without even a title.

Publik was started and financed by the German Catholic church in 1968 to publicise the idea of a modern church.  “Not afraid of any taboo” the uncredited speakers on the record dare the listeners to name a issue that Publik would not write about. The experiment ended three years later when the writers and the bishops could no longer agree on the content of the paper. The subsequent operation Publik-Forum still exists as a publicly financed newspaper. It remains to be a outspoken leftist catholic publication.

But in 1968 the Catholic Church itself put some Rock`n`Roll song on a record and  offered a BMW 2000 as a prize in a lottery…

Publik kommt anders als erwartet, 1968

Rock`n`Roll Instrumental, 1968


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