ebf-backebf-frontebf-labelI bought this on Tuesday in the 25 Cents bin at the “white-haired guy`s”. I really like it when I can take a chance on a record because it is cheap. antiquitaeten-basar

On the other hand a couple of thrift stores down the street have started to charge fantasy prizes just because the tourists have flooded the neighborhood. One store in particular is holding a pretty decent Indie and Punk collection hostage by charging 5 Euros a piece.planets For records that are stuffed in unsorted boxes lying in the hot sun. One time early this year I went there and asked about the records and a young fellow told me 5 Euros for a 45. I said, no, that`s much too expensive compared to all the other stores and he just waved me off. Then he took 5 random records from the box, just like a bunch of bananas and  said: the boss doesn`t need to know this but you can have these for 20 Euros!  I said, I don`t care. Go tell your boss. I`m not going to buy a bunch of records that I`ve never heard of  for 20 Euros. He was pissed off and so was I. Naturally there was no deal.


When something like that happens I always tell myself I don`t really need any more records. I promised myself not to go there ever again. Yesterday, after all these month I saw that the records were still there. I couldn`t resist and this time they asked for 10 Euros for 3 singles. Singles from a dusty box lying on the ground baking in the hot sun! Mixed with broken and warped ones! It makes me mad again, only thinking about it…leiterregale

But here is were they end up. Cleaned, organized and put onto a shelf.set-up

And here`s where I get all this stuff into the computer. To hopefully quench some life out of all this dead material … ebf

This record I got for 25 Cents. Ali is a song about the situation of the Turkish minority in Berlin-Kreuzberg. This privately pressed record came out in the year the wall came down. In Germany that year had only one theme: Germany and the Germans. I was really critical of the reunification because of that back then. komissionThe Eichs Band Feld group were one of the few who made a well-meaning effort to address the problems of the Turks living in Germany in the 80`s. Armed with some very German Rock music…


2 Comments on “EICHS BAND FELD, Ali, 1989”

  1. Your story with the Betrüger record-seller describes to a great extent what happens here at least the last year. And naturally my immediate thought is: “I don’t really need any more records…”
    By the way, you have made a very nice place!

    Frohe Ostern!

  2. marcfrost says:

    ouhh… Do you maybe know the title of the “Planets” – record in the picture above (or any other) ?
    I’m looking for a band called “The Planets”, which really shattered my 80’s childhood in the GDR. (Though I guess it would be better never to hear again – not to run the risk of a massive Disappointment. Nice Blog anyway.

    so long…

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