KINDERCORPS, Baggermatsch, 1982

kindercorps-frontkindercorps-backkindercorps-labelThe flea-market is small and only half of the vendors are private people selling their unwanted belongings.

flohmarktBut that`s also good because not a lot of record collectors come to the market and I can make a quick round before doing the weekend shopping. I found this last Saturday and just picked it up because it looked odd and was only 1 euro.kind

And this is a odd record. The kid looks like a Nazi. Kindercorps sounds kinda strange too. Kindernazis? Beautiful blue eyes? Were they Nazis? Naa, these smart asses were only trying to piss off the hippies in 1982 with their German electronic new wave. Baggermatsch is a totally silly song about wet mud. The kind kids play with…

KINDERCORPS, Baggermatsch, 1982

KINDERCORPS, Blaue Augen schöne, 1982


One Comment on “KINDERCORPS, Baggermatsch, 1982”

  1. Thomas says:

    Leider sind die links tot. Ich kenn den Titel von einem sampler (Debuet) und wuerd ihn gern wieder haben…

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