NAASTI, Dirty Windows, 1980

naasti-frontnaasti-infonaasti-labelAlmost every week I try to make a quick round through my neighbouring thrift stores, book stores  and record stores. On Saturday I mostly go to the little flea market down the street. These shops are not necessarily the best stores for records in Berlin. And the flea market is very small. I could make trips to much bigger and better shops. But because I go to my neighborhood shops regularly it doesn`t take too long to look through the new stuff and I have a chance to get my hands on them first. That way I found a lot of great records over the years.der-kleine-flohmarkt

It was beautiful Spring weather on Tuesday when I made my weekly check-up through the stores. This record I got for 50 cents in a little thrift shop appropriately named Der kleine Flohmarkt (the little flea-market). We call the shop owner, who is old enough to be a pensioner, “the white-haired guy” but actually he`s only very gray-haired. He`s grouchy, always smokes and drinks coffee from a coffee flask. The good thing though is that he knows a lot about records and still sells his records cheaply, starting at 25 cents for a 45.

I get along fine with him mostly because I  let him talk. There are so many weirdos coming in that he must enjoy not having to listen to some drunken, stupid ramblings for a change. I always leave the store with the feeling that I got a good deal. This week he even gave me a great record for free that I`ve been searching for for a while . I´ll post it soon.naasti

Just like Sportpalast that I posted last February Naasti won a pressing of 2000 records in a band contest sponsored by the city of Berlin. This is what they made of it. berlin-rock-newsThey played 8 or 9 shows in 1980 and then split up. This is the Berlin New Wave Rock sound of 1980 , not Punk, not Post-Punk, not anything cool. Exactly the kind of record I like. It fell through. Hasn`t been re-released for almost 30 years. That deserves my attention and maybe yours too…

NAASTI, Dirty Windows, 1980

NAASTI, Dream a Little Dream of Me, 1980

2 Comments on “NAASTI, Dirty Windows, 1980”

  1. comedian says:

    Nasti – das war die Gruppe, in der der Wunderwelt-Moderator
    Joachim Deicke mitgespielt hat und inzwischen eingefragter
    DJ für “Weltmusik” geworden ist.
    Seht auch mal hier:

  2. clemens42 says:

    Nu is die Wunderwelt auch Geschichte *seufz* Wo findet man noch gute Musik im Radio – quer über alle Genres und Zeiten?!?

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