Two days ago I was really pissed off!

Just as pissed off as one of the store owners that had sent me a very angry and formal mail complaining about what I had written about him two weeks ago. Not only was I pissed off, I was also feeling guilty. In my little round-up of the stores I go to in my neighborhood, I had written some sentences about him that were not so nice. Not really mean-spirited but still a little unfair. I was only being honest but I also got carried away a little writing about some other businesses and forgot to write something nice about him. We do have a chat sometimes and always got along well. His store is the most well-organized of all the second-hand record-stores in this area and he is always busy to have  new records coming.

In his mail he objected against the use of the photo of his store-front and wrote that he had not contacted his lawyer because he knew me personally as a customer. Within a couple of minutes after receiving the mail I deleted the photo and the sentences from my files. Then I sent him a mail and apologized. I regretted saying bad stuff behind his back and told him I was sorry. I thought that was it. But when I did  a Google search the photo still kept popping up: together with the nastiest snippet from my sentences! That only fueled my frustration.

Apparently search-engines keep the cached versions of everything. I was so stupid to put a name to the photo and because I always supersize my images it is the biggest of all the others. I then sent  a request to Google to delete the cache. They did delete it but so far nothing has changed. The photo keeps appearing in the Google search. If anybody knows how to completely delete an image, please let me know.

The whole thing was bugging me very much. I don`t write this blog to piss people off. If I wanted to do that it would look much different. I like my neighborhood. It`s a nice neighborhood  and I like the fact that I get along with people here.  For two days I felt like an  asshole.

I didn`t hear back from him so today I went to his store to apologize personally once more. I even brought him some chocolate as a present. To my great surprise he was very nice. He smiled at me and took the present. And smiled again. I said I was sorry and that I like his  store. And the fact that it is so organized and that I enjoyed talking with him in the past. He said that it was okay and that we were having different opinions. He congratulated me on my blog and said that I should make a book out of it one day. He even said that he liked the photo and if he could use it. We talked for a while and in the end we shook hands. When I left the store I felt like I had lost a big weight off my back.

The whole story is probably not so special. Second-hand record-stores and their owners around the world around the world are pretty similar. It`s a cut-throat business of buying and selling. Sitting amidst all this dusty material. Weird record-collector types (like me) coming in wanting to make a bargain. (Mostly) women coming in asking for particular songs. You won`t get rich doing that. I`m really grateful that there still are record-stores!

But of course it taught me a lesson. Nobody proof-reads my writing but it`s not like  nobody is reading my blog any more. I will be a little more careful about what I write in the future.

Now onto the music…

4 Comments on “Two days ago I was really pissed off!”

  1. Armer Andreas! How should I call this? “Bad luck” or “small world”? At least your misfortune have provided the readers of this blog with an interesting (and instructive as well) story. Additionally, it showed us, but for your fate’s misuse, the nobility of your soul.
    Don’t feel discouraged my friend. It’s just a cloud…
    The admirers and supporters of your work here want you to keep up with renewed enthusiasm!

    Mach’s gut

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Lieber Elias,

    Thanks for your kind words, but it was not so noble of me to write bad things about somebody that I talk to regularly in the first place. But like you said, it was instructional: the internet is not a black hole. Also by talking to the store-owner I understood his situation much better than before. He is not a collector himself. He has to support his family. He needs to make money. And guys like me who want to want to pay as little as possible come in all the time…

    Thankfully that`s in the past now. I`ve already prepared some good music to post on Thursday.

    Liebe Grüsse,

    I wish you would do your blog in English. I`d really like to read it…

  3. Unfortunately, that’s the commercial morals, in which usually dominates cautionness (if not mistrust)…
    But, indeed, store owners are also paying taxes and usually the store belongs not to them, so they have to pay a rent too. On the other hand, outside-sellers have not a better fortune, as I personally would never sit for 5 or 6 hours (even one day of the week) to the mercy of weather elements, having to pack, unpack and carry all this clutter for just a miserable sum of euros…
    Don’t think that I have allways these Marie Therese-thoughts in mind; especially not when I’m going to pay… But maybe is worth to think also about the “altera pars”; and someone has to make the start…

    I have much enjoyed your last posts! Particularly, “The Gloomys” & “the Cousins”!
    As for my music blog, for this and next month is out of the question to creat it. But I promise you, dear Andreas, that I’ll make it! (Maybe deep in the heart of summer…)

  4. mischalke04 says:

    That`s great! As much as I`m a music fan, I`m much more interested in real life: the people that live today and listen to this music today. The different flavour of the stories from other cities and other countries. How they live, how they feel, how their personal life is. So today is Mayday and I`m getting ready to go outside and jump in the sea of people that celebrate the big Mayfest here in Kreuzberg.

    I`m looking forward to read about what`s going on in Athens some day….

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