BERNHARD FRANK, Ich lieb dich Baby, 1964

musterplatteWhile I was in the basement sorting out records to take to the flea-market or use for Auktion/Destruktion I found this record. I think it was in a bunch of records a girl  gave me last year while I was “dj-ing”( does playing records on a battery-run miniature record player in a gallery/library count as dj-ing?) . She said: maybe you can use them, I don`t have a record player anyway. But I never listened to this one until last week when I took it upstairs to our appartement. And then I recognized the B. Frank! That must be the same Bernhard Frank that I posted three weeks ago! At least it sounds very similar. Again my search for Bernhard Frank on the internet has not been successful.

If this was only a test-pressing or also got a proper release I don`t know.  It`s likely that Decca felt that they already had Drafi Deutscher and so already had this area covered. But Bernhard Frank should have gotten a chance: these are great catchy Beat songs, obviously very much influenced by the Beatles…

BERNHARD FRANK, Ich lieb dich Baby, 1964

BERNHARD FRANK, Was ist mit Dir gescheh´n ?, 1964


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