THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Zieht euch warm an, 1964

gloomy-moon-singersThe Gloomy Moon Singers were the house band at Berlin`s  Riverboat Club. In 1964 they came in second in a battle of the bands at the Star Club, losing the first prize to the more stylish  Lords. They recorded one more 45 for the Telefunken label before changing to simply The Gloomys, and more of a pop direction. The most famous band member of The Gloomy Moon Singers was Frank Zander, a German Pop singer who had many hits, singing novelty songs in his gruff trade-mark voice.

The song Zieht euch warm an ( dress warmly) is an advice to all teenage lovers making out at night in the parks and also a threat by the mothers and the fathers ( like prepare yourself: the trouble that your in for, once you get home) with a great trebly guitar sound…

THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Zieht euch warm an, 1964

THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Wenn du willst, 1964

6 Comments on “THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Zieht euch warm an, 1964”

  1. I wrote a song in 1967 that was recorded by the Five Americans called “7:30 Guided Tour.” Among other points of interest in Europe, it mentioned the Riverboat Club in Berlin. The verse was

    There’ll be no cameras taken on this portion of the trip
    Best Leave them all behind
    They confiscated mine
    For taking pictures of their paradise
    Now we’re crossing The Wall
    I hear the good times call
    Up to the fourth floor
    Gonna ride the Riverboat Home

    I have not been able to find any photos or information about the Riverboat. My daughter has recorded that song and we plan to do a video so it would be great to get some neat photos to use in the video.

    Let me know if you can help.


    Robin Hood Brians

    (903) 245-0006 Cell

    I was there in July of 1967 and all I remember is that it was on top of a building very close to the Wall so that all the folks in the East could see what a great time you can have in a free country.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your memories. I was born in 1966 so it´s always a pleasure to see that those old records that I spend my time with, make the past come to life.
    I´m not in Berlin at the moment but I´ll search for some images of the Riverboat when I get back later this week and will send them to you.

    Best wishes

  3. Anne Klaus says:

    I was studying in Berlin in the summer of 1969 and met my future husband there – we spent an amazing evening at the Riverboat Club. I’ll be back in Berlin next spring and want to find this place -if it’s still there, will send pics.

    nostalgic in Canada,

  4. elally says:

    lived in Berlin Sept66 /Dec 67 spent many great evenings at the Riverboat would love to see any photos etc …

  5. mischalke04 says:

    just googled and found a bunch of photos this site

  6. For a jubilee album of a friend becoming 50, the names of a historic photography regarding THE GLOOMYS do miss. Please be so kind to click here: – Is there anybody who could announce them from the left to the right or “at least” to drop a source where investigations might continue? Please send us an e-mail. Thanks so much!

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