THE ROCKING STARS , Tina Darling, 1965

rocking-starsIn 1960 the Rocking Stars from the small town of Rastatt were probably the only  teenage amateur Rock`n`Roll group that got a chance to make records in Germany at the time. They recorded two flexi discs for the budget label Hallo and then later developed into a Beat group.

Tina Darling , a cover-version of  Shake, Rattle and Roll with German lyrics, was a minor hit at Radio Luxembourg and is featured on their CBS LP.

THE ROCKING STARS, Tina Darling, 1965

THE ROCKING STARS , Blues Stay Away From Me, 1965

One Comment on “THE ROCKING STARS , Tina Darling, 1965”

  1. Hi,

    I am the leadsinger of the Rocking Stars!

    See my Homepage:


    youtube —Dieter Kersten

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