NAASTI, Dirty Windows, 1980

naasti-frontnaasti-infonaasti-labelAlmost every week I try to make a quick round through my neighbouring thrift stores, book stores  and record stores. On Saturday I mostly go to the little flea market down the street. These shops are not necessarily the best stores for records in Berlin. And the flea market is very small. I could make trips to much bigger and better shops. But because I go to my neighborhood shops regularly it doesn`t take too long to look through the new stuff and I have a chance to get my hands on them first. That way I found a lot of great records over the years.der-kleine-flohmarkt

It was beautiful Spring weather on Tuesday when I made my weekly check-up through the stores. This record I got for 50 cents in a little thrift shop appropriately named Der kleine Flohmarkt (the little flea-market). We call the shop owner, who is old enough to be a pensioner, “the white-haired guy” but actually he`s only very gray-haired. He`s grouchy, always smokes and drinks coffee from a coffee flask. The good thing though is that he knows a lot about records and still sells his records cheaply, starting at 25 cents for a 45.

I get along fine with him mostly because I  let him talk. There are so many weirdos coming in that he must enjoy not having to listen to some drunken, stupid ramblings for a change. I always leave the store with the feeling that I got a good deal. This week he even gave me a great record for free that I`ve been searching for for a while . I´ll post it soon.naasti

Just like Sportpalast that I posted last February Naasti won a pressing of 2000 records in a band contest sponsored by the city of Berlin. This is what they made of it. berlin-rock-newsThey played 8 or 9 shows in 1980 and then split up. This is the Berlin New Wave Rock sound of 1980 , not Punk, not Post-Punk, not anything cool. Exactly the kind of record I like. It fell through. Hasn`t been re-released for almost 30 years. That deserves my attention and maybe yours too…

NAASTI, Dirty Windows, 1980

NAASTI, Dream a Little Dream of Me, 1980


SPIEGELSPLITTER, Spiegelsplitterspitz, 1981

spiegelsplitter-frontspiegelsplitter-backspiegelsplitter-labelspiegelsplitter-info1spiegelsplitter-info21spiegelsplitter-info31spiegelsplitter-info41This one I bought a while back in one of the two thrift stores in my street.

The store owners are a young couple with a child in kindergarten.


They are nice but always seem kind of irritated. As if they knew they are going to be cheated but they can`t help it. They always put the valuable records in front of the store in the 50 cents bin ( oh, they raised the prices, now it`s 1 euro) single-1-euroand the worthless mainstream stuff inside for 2 to 5 euros. Sometimes months pass where I go in and never find anything but every once in a while I get something good for cheap. I never bargain with them and always pay the price they ask.roy-deininger

German electronic Punk music from these two guys in Spiegelsplitter. Well, technically it might not be Punk Rock but it`s got some good aggressive vibe. And spitz means horny and Pillemann (fass mich an) means penis (touch me) and the songs are about just that. Penis Punk. Sexy Punk. Sexy electronic Punk from Berlin…

SPIEGELSPLITTER, Spiegelsplitterspitz, 1981

SPIEGELSPLITTER, Pillemann (fass mich an), 1981

KINDERCORPS, Baggermatsch, 1982

kindercorps-frontkindercorps-backkindercorps-labelThe flea-market is small and only half of the vendors are private people selling their unwanted belongings.

flohmarktBut that`s also good because not a lot of record collectors come to the market and I can make a quick round before doing the weekend shopping. I found this last Saturday and just picked it up because it looked odd and was only 1 euro.kind

And this is a odd record. The kid looks like a Nazi. Kindercorps sounds kinda strange too. Kindernazis? Beautiful blue eyes? Were they Nazis? Naa, these smart asses were only trying to piss off the hippies in 1982 with their German electronic new wave. Baggermatsch is a totally silly song about wet mud. The kind kids play with…

KINDERCORPS, Baggermatsch, 1982

KINDERCORPS, Blaue Augen schöne, 1982

ATZE, Paul der Macker, 1988

schuelerlotse-frontschuelerlotse-backschuelerlotse-labelThis one I bought on Tuesday(…)

This is a little better than the other Atze record that I posted last February. The record was  commemorating 35 Years of school crossing guards and given to the Berlin boys and girls of the school crossing guards as a present by the senator of traffic. Paul der Macker is about reckless drivers and Fahrradlied is a song about bicycles. Childish songs set to the New Wave sound of 1988…

ATZE, Paul der Macker, 1988

ATZE, Fahrradlied, 1988


ebf-backebf-frontebf-labelI bought this on Tuesday in the 25 Cents bin at the “white-haired guy`s”. I really like it when I can take a chance on a record because it is cheap. antiquitaeten-basar

On the other hand a couple of thrift stores down the street have started to charge fantasy prizes just because the tourists have flooded the neighborhood. One store in particular is holding a pretty decent Indie and Punk collection hostage by charging 5 Euros a piece.planets For records that are stuffed in unsorted boxes lying in the hot sun. One time early this year I went there and asked about the records and a young fellow told me 5 Euros for a 45. I said, no, that`s much too expensive compared to all the other stores and he just waved me off. Then he took 5 random records from the box, just like a bunch of bananas and  said: the boss doesn`t need to know this but you can have these for 20 Euros!  I said, I don`t care. Go tell your boss. I`m not going to buy a bunch of records that I`ve never heard of  for 20 Euros. He was pissed off and so was I. Naturally there was no deal.


When something like that happens I always tell myself I don`t really need any more records. I promised myself not to go there ever again. Yesterday, after all these month I saw that the records were still there. I couldn`t resist and this time they asked for 10 Euros for 3 singles. Singles from a dusty box lying on the ground baking in the hot sun! Mixed with broken and warped ones! It makes me mad again, only thinking about it…leiterregale

But here is were they end up. Cleaned, organized and put onto a shelf.set-up

And here`s where I get all this stuff into the computer. To hopefully quench some life out of all this dead material … ebf

This record I got for 25 Cents. Ali is a song about the situation of the Turkish minority in Berlin-Kreuzberg. This privately pressed record came out in the year the wall came down. In Germany that year had only one theme: Germany and the Germans. I was really critical of the reunification because of that back then. komissionThe Eichs Band Feld group were one of the few who made a well-meaning effort to address the problems of the Turks living in Germany in the 80`s. Armed with some very German Rock music…


BERNHARD FRANK, Es ist mir egal, 1965

Flexi discs were the cheapest of all budget records. Their main purpose was to be sold cheaply or to be used for advertising. Pressed into thin plastic, cardboard or postcards, they were not even considered to be real records, but just disposable items that had no value whatsoever.

Granted, a lot of them were indeed garbage, but occasionally some jewels turned under the radar. I´ve been collecting flexi discs  by the  Okay, Okay Exquisit and Rondo budget labels that were manufactured by the Phonocolor company from Berlin-Lichterfelde for a while now and posted most of them last April.  Still, my biggest find I made only recently.

I couldn´t find any information on Bernhard Frank besides some SS-Obersturmbannführer that shared the same name. Why this record was not a hit escapes me. Maybe it was not a regular Okay Exquisit release or only pressed in a very small quantity. Believe me it`s great. I was really surprised when I listened to it for the first time. “Es ist mir egal” ( I don´t care) is a great angry Beat song with a slight Pretty Things influence. The B-side is somewhat tamer, like the Beatles. Great stuff!!!

Bernhard Frank, where are you today…???

BERNHARD FRANK, Es ist mir egal, 1965

BERNHARD FRANK, Nur eine Frage der Zeit, 1965

JO FISCHER, Sputnik Fly, 1968

This flexi disc was advertising for GASAG, the main gas company in Berlin that has been operating for 160 years.

The rock´n´roll instrumental Sputnik Fly appears on three different advertisement records that I`m going to post here. There is no group or orchestra name given, but it credits a Jo Fischer as having written the song. I couldn´t find any information at all about Jo Fischer on the Internet.

The GASAG slogan on this record is “Modern like the times we live in”, but Sputnik Fly sounds more like a left-over from the early 60`s. Oh well,  the German public was a lot slower back then…

The song is great though. Rock´n´Roll for the whole family!

JO FISCHER, Sputnik Fly, 1968

H.BENNING, Swing Low, 1968

F.KING, Beat, 1968

JO FISCHER, Schwarze Augen, 1968

W.JUNG, My Bonnie, 1968

hot-beat-frontblues-dixie-backhot-beatblues-dixie Just like on the GASAG record the songs  on this one are not credited to any real  artists or groups.  The producers of this record didn`t even bother to give the songs proper titles but only called them: Blues, Beat, Dixie and Sputnik Fly is now simply called Hot.

Also hidden on this  picture-disc, advertising for the United Silk-Weaving Mills of Krefeld, is a solid instrumental version of  My Bonnie wrongly titled Beat. Unlike last weeks version this one, played by a mystery Beat-group, is good. It starts just like the Beatles version but then goes into a stormy Shadows-style Rock`n`Roll instrumental…

W.JUNG, Beat, 1968

JO FISCHER, Hot, 1968

K.KÖNIG, Blues, 1968

IGOR ROSENAU, Dixie, 1968