THE CARAVELLS , Let`s dance Hully Gully, 1963

This British duo played at the Star Club and released this nice 45 for the German Vogue label. The Hully Gully is the theme but I think  Shake the Piano is the better song here…


THE CARAVELLS , Let`s Dance Hully Gully, 1963

THE CARAVELLS , Shake the Piano, 1963

One Comment on “THE CARAVELLS , Let`s dance Hully Gully, 1963”

  1. Patrick says:

    I had this lovely Song once on a smpler called “Slop Twist Hully Gully” on the obscure label “Mode Schallplatten”. I loved especially the cool end with its loud piano and the drums of “Let’s dance Hully Gully”. How wonderful to refind the song here, will you post it on ‘YouTube’ too?
    (Pat, Switzerland)

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