THE DANISH SHARKS, Hully Gully Let`s Go, 1963

The Danish Sharks and  Sir Henry and his Butlers, another Danish group who the Sharks cover here, might not be remembered by everybody. But the clapping in this song BAM-BAM, BA-BA-BAM, BA-BA-BA-BAM  and the shout “LET`S GO” can still be heard in the Football stadiums throughout Europe.

THE DANISH SHARKS, Hully Gully Let`s Go, 1963


Ilias from Athens just mentioned it in his comment below so I thought it fitting to show this video here too.

Singer Aliki Vougiouklaki dancing and singing the Hully Gully in a Greek film from 1964:

I hope I`m not making it too difficult to make this site appear but I`m having fun right now and I`d like everybody to see this other video too that Ilias sent me a link of. Three goofy Greek guys singing Cin Cin in Greek and a very sexy Aliki Vougiouklaki making another appearance! It´s  hilarious!

Thanks alot Ilias!

4 Comments on “THE DANISH SHARKS, Hully Gully Let`s Go, 1963”

  1. Hully Gully, Madison, Shake, Bossa Nova, Yanka, Twist and other dances, all from one and single decade. I really can hardly name a dance from the 00’s…
    I think that this inventiveness, concerning the necessity for continually new modes of dancing, depicts the apparent optimistic mood of the people of those years and their indisputable capability to have fun…

    Incidentally, I thought that hully gully had a rather latin nuance, than a rock ‘n’ roll one; and the culprit, is this Greek hully gully song -> [ ]
    from a film of 1964, sung by the asolute star of Greek stardom of those years, Aliki Vougiouklaki (a rather troublesome pronounsed name for an inernational career…) From this extract also, you can have a free hully gully dance lesson…
    In addition, here -> [ ] is the Greek version of the renowned Italian song “Cin, cin” (cheers), sung by Trio Atene, while Aliki Vougiouklaki is showing, in the meantime, her beauties…

    Cin cin from sunny Athens!

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks Ilias for the links to the videos!

    I still wonder about the term Hully Gully and who came up with it first. The OLYMPICs recorded the song “Hully Gully” in 1959. So they originated the dance craze. But what does it MEAN?

    But your right the Hully Gully dance looks a lot like Sirtaki. So the Greeks might have had a hand (or a foot) in that…

    Best wishes

  3. You are very welcome, but I’m the one that should say THANKS, dear Andreas!!!

    I tried too to find something about the story and the roots of Hully Gully, unsucessfully though… I only read sowhere that it was born as a variation of Samba. But “Hully Gully” doesn’t sound Portuguese to me…

    I would be very surprised and pleased if Hully Gully, would proved to be a Greek invention, but despite the Syrtaki-like way of dancing, the name of “Olympics” and the fact that we had also a pop-rock group named “The Olympians” from the mid-sixties that probably played some Hully Gullys, unfairly enough it’s not the case…
    It’s a pity, in general, that while these danses were far more popular and developed in Europe than in USA, we, nonetheless, haven’t invented one…

    Warme Grüße aus warme Athen!

  4. PS: A. Vougiouklaki was actually an actress, who incidentally sung in her movies. Had a pretty good voice though, God rest her soul…

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