LUCKY JACK, Hully Gully Time, 1963

lucky-jack-frontlucky-jack-backlucky-jack-labelIf you liked these Hully Gully songs and are too lazy to download every single one  go to Michael´s Mostly Uncomped blog. He collected the best ones I posted here and added some others and made a nice Hully Gully compilation.

Here is some nice organ driven instrumental music. Save yourself the 20 bucks to buy this on Ebay here

LUCKY JACK, Hully Gully Time, 1963

LUCKY JACK, Lecon de Hully Gully, 1963

LUCKY JACK, Let`s do the Hully Gully, 1963

LUCKY JACK, Second Fiddle Girl, 1963

2 Comments on “LUCKY JACK, Hully Gully Time, 1963”

  1. jancy says:

    hi michael,

    der bonus track 23 auf der Hully Gully compilation sind nicht die Beatles, sondern Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers


  2. whoops says:

    I have always suspected that behind the enigmatic “Lucky Jack” pseudonym was accordeon player Jacky Noguez. Quite unbelievable when you consider that this guy released quite a lot of dull records, but one day i heard his beautiful nearly Exotica version of Luna Capresse and i decide that after all it could really be him.

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