THE RAY BRYANT COMBO, Madison Time, 1960

Madison Time is basically the same song as The Madison with changed lyrics and calls by Eddie Morrison. Maybe a little more refined and less aggressive.  Ray Bryant`s Madison Time was one of the few Jazz records that hit the top of the Pop charts. But just like Al Brown`s version this still has a black touch. It´s basically Jazz music done by a accomplished Jazz musician.

Here you can see the song and the dance performed in the film Hairspray (1988) by John Waters:

I just found out that the wonderful I´m Learning To Share blog posted Ray Bryant´s American picture sleeve release of Madison Time two years ago here. His research was a little deeper than mine so I´d like t share his link to a very informative article about How the Madison and the Twist “Crossed Over”.

Part one of Madison Time has all the snappy dance instructions and part two is the instrumental. Very handy for teachers…

THE RAY BRYANT COMBO, Madison-time 1.Teil, 1962

THE RAY BRYANT COMBO, Madison-time 2.Teil, 1962

2 Comments on “THE RAY BRYANT COMBO, Madison Time, 1960”

  1. Tom says:

    Ahhh, erst Hully Gully und jetzt Madison….. =:o)

    Das Video ist ja ganz nett, aber dieses hier ist noch viel coooler:

    Tolles Blog hast du!


  2. Smokey says:

    I Love This Song. I think the best example of how this dance was done takes place in “The Ernest Green Story”. It shows Black Teens in 50’s clothes doing The Madison like it was meant to be done. I just cannot find this sequence on youtube.

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