ORLIE AND THE SAINTS, Detroit Twist And Freeze, 1961

Again Detroit Twist and Freeze was on  Twistin´Time Vol.1. I didn´t check if any of these other songs were on some obscure bootlegs that only a handful of  hipsters got a hold of.  If you know this song already just scroll further down. I bet there is some stuff here that nobody ever dared to re-release…

I got this at a record fair here in Berlin from a Dutch seller. The b-side  King Kong is great too. Listen to the lyrics. Impossible that this would go over today…

ORLIE AND THE SAINTS, Detroit Twist And Freeze, 1961


Watch this, there are some amazing dance moves in this one:

12 Comments on “ORLIE AND THE SAINTS, Detroit Twist And Freeze, 1961”

  1. Troy McClure says:

    The guy hosting the show, Jim Lounsbury, was a very popular DJ in Chicago in the fifties and early sixties. He was married to Debbie Stevens, who had a minor hit record in 1959 called “If You Can’t Rock Me”. She performed her song one night when her husband hosted the Winter Dance Party at the Eagles Ballroom in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on January 24, 1959, which also featured Buddy Holly and the Crickets, The Big Bopper, Dion & The Belmonts, Ritchie Valens, and Frankie Sardo. This was the second night of the WDP tour, one that would end tragically for Holly, Valens and the Big Bopper when their plane that they chartered out of Clear Lake, IA crashed, killing them and the pilot, on February 3, 1959. Incidentally, I think that nightclub in the “Twist Craze” clip must be in Northern Illinois, north of Chicago. What a WEIRD clip that is! Thanks for posting it. Tune in on the web live to listen to my show, “Peel Slowly & See” Wednesday nights at 8 PM Eastern Standard (US) time on http://www.wvew.org. I’m loving the German records you are posting as they will fit in my “Beatles Mach Shau” series which I tell the story of “die Beatles” in Hamburg, from 1960-62. I’m mixing interviews, sounds, old records in German and everything I can find to make the ‘atmosphere’ of what it was like to be on the Reeperbahn back then.

  2. Kathy Trujillo says:

    These songs Twist and Freeze and King Kong are written and sung by my brother in 1961. How they ended up in Germany is beyond me. The Band Box Record Company had the rights.

    Can someone please contact me, I’d love to talk to you.

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Dear Kathy,

    thank you very much for your comment.
    I´d love to hear more about the history of this record and these great songs.

    Best wishes

  4. Dave Barhite says:

    Hi Kathy,
    I was the leader of the Saints When we recorded the series of Twist and Freeze with Orlie. I havent seen him since the time of the recordings but we had some great times together. I recently had a reunion with a couple of other members of the Saints. My son discovered this site tonight. We did several recordings with Orlie He had some great songs. Twist and Freeze hit the top 40 charts in NYC, Boston, LA, and Detroit. We even had an engagement to be on the Dick Clark Dance show. hope to hear from you.
    Dave Barhite

  5. KLinNYC says:

    The “King Kong” B-Side link is down on this one, too.

  6. KLinNYC says:

    Good video.
    I’m surprised it was done by Bill Rebane — he’s known for really bad Z-movies made in Wisconsin.
    One of his watchable features is “The Incredible Giant Spider Invasion” with Alan and Barbara Hale.

  7. Tom says:

    Can I beg you to repost King Kong? The link doesn’t, would really like this tune. Nice site!!

  8. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks. I will repost it as soon as I get to it…

  9. Mike says:

    this i love…found a 45 in an old Corktown Detroit neighborhood…

  10. craigr244 says:

    I know these comments are back quite a ways – Hoping to hear from Kathy Trujillo and or Dave Barhite – I am working on Blog pages relating to Band Box – Orlie and much more>

  11. Dave Barhite says:

    Glad to help you if I can.
    Dave Barhite

  12. Kathy Trujillo says:

    Hello this is Kathy Trujilllo. I hope the leader of the Saints is still available to talk. My email is ktru7274@yahoo.com My brother Orlie is alive and well in California!! Write to me!!! Anyone affiliated with my brother, I’d love to talk to you,,

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