PAT FIELD ET LES PUMAS DE L´Oklahoma, Dada Twist, 1962

pat-field-frontpat-field-backpat-field-labelAnother example of this glossy laminated extravagance on the French Panorama budget label. The company party is almost over. The wooden logs in the background were the idea of the art director. The girl in the red pants has just arrived from another party. The dude on the left is checking out the secretary in the green skirt. The dancing ghoul on the right is the art director. He´s wondering: maybe the logs were not such a great idea?da-da

PAT FIELD ET LES PUMAS DE L´Oklahoma, Dada Twist, 1962

PAT FIELD ET LES PUMAS DE L´Oklahoma, Cincinnatti Twist, 1962



One Comment on “PAT FIELD ET LES PUMAS DE L´Oklahoma, Dada Twist, 1962”

  1. whoops says:

    “Dada Twist” and “Cincinatti Twist” with “Tanganyka Twist”, “Temporale” “suspense”, “Twist riff” and a bunch of other cool 60’s instrumental tracks on the Panorama label are for me prime examples of what the sixties really were in France. The Anti Yeye genre wich appeared in the second half of the decade was more adventurous and clever but it was urban, geographically restrained to Paris. This sub Yeye genre was for everyone. I like the fact that it tried hard to capture/copy the mood of the time only to cash in the dance craze of the day. It is not a surprise that some of the people behind these tracks became lead figures in the late 60’s/early 70’s Library Music field.

    Thanks for the past three weeks Hully Gully/Madison/Twist marathon Andreas. I know that it is hard to maintain a regular posting so i also thank you for that.

    You mention french “Bandes dessinées” in the Roby Davis comment section, well, i’m not that much into comics anymore. I have a small collection of 50’s and 60’s american classics (Eisner, Steranko, Woods…) but when it comes to french artists my taste are stuck in the 70’s (Druillet, Moebius…). I’m definitely more adventurous in the musical field.

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