PETE MARCEL, Sloppy-Twist-A-Fish, 1961

juke-box-frontjuke-box-backjuke-box-labelThis MUST have been re-released by someone but I couldn`t find anything. I bought this Swedish EP in Prague a couple of years ago while I was looking for Supraphon 45´s. I have a bunch of great Czechoslovakian and Polish Twist records that I will post some other time because this is already getting a bit too long.  Whenever I post  more than a few records the downloads seem to go down anyway. Last week´s top download (62) was the opening post The Madison by Al Brown and his Tunetoppers followed closely(55) by the Bulgarian Madison 5 by the Studio 5.sloppy

But Sloppy really is a great Twist song! Don´t miss this…

PETE MARCEL, Sloppy-Twist-A-Fish, 1961

2 Comments on “PETE MARCEL, Sloppy-Twist-A-Fish, 1961”

  1. KLinNYC says:

    This one sounds interesting, as do the ones below this, but the links are down.
    I wish I had found them sooner.

  2. erick b. says:

    I have this 45 by futura record inc NM

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