Why did even the most budget French records have these fancy laminated cardboard jackets? The picture might be taken in the hallway of the record company´s office with the secretary and her friend posing as dancers but the final record sleeve had to be expensive!roby-davis

I´m not complaining, just wondering. Did the consumers just get used to buying only these type of  sleeves or was it very cheap to do them in France? This record still looked brand new when I bought it a couple of years ago in a small town in France. I wished they had made them this way in Germany. Most of the cheap thin paper they used here just didn`t stay in the best of shape 40 years later.

Raging Twist is not as raging as some of the other records I posted but still quite rocking. Rockin´Orchestra stuff…


ROBY DAVIS ET SON ORCHESTRE, Let´s Twist Again, 1961



3 Comments on “ROBY DAVIS ET SON ORCHESTRE, Raging Twist, 1961”

  1. whoops says:

    You are right Andreas, laminated sleeves are typical of France during the 60’s, i believe that the differences between cheap and mainstream label laminated sleeves are to be found in the thickness of the sleeves and in the fact that only the front cover was laminated, not to forget the quality of the vinyl pressing (Unfortunately french pressings during the sixties were not of high quality…lots of hiss).

    Speaking of budget labels, Saphir is a real cheap one but there was always one or two interesting tracks on their releases. If one except the three Roby Davis EPs and a couple of Geo Daly/Michel Attenoux ones, most of the instrumental tracks on the Saphir records were not credited to anyone.

    Speaking of this particular record, i read somewhere that the blond girl on the back was Roby Davis’s own daughter, Micheline Davis. She once married french singer Dick Rivers.
    Roby Davis’s wife was Daidy Davis-Boyer, her and her crew filmed most of the french scopitones during the 60’s, including the cool Georges de Giafferi one (Sado Maso).

  2. mischalke04 says:

    More very useful info! Thanks, I didn´t know any of this! You should continue your blog!!! I´m going to take it reeeeeeal easy in the coming weeks… This was a little too much. One record a week it just fine. This is a hobby and nobody can really digest this much stuff every week anyway.

    About the laminated sleeves: the budgets took a shortcut with the backsleeves but still the quality was superior. Even today Germany doesn´t play in the same league as France if it comes to graphic arts and production. Consider yourself blessed!

    Besides that: J´adore les bandes dessinees francaise!!!

  3. KLinNYC says:

    DivShare makes me wait 15 seconds to download, but then doesn’t download.

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