Deine Chance ist Berlin

deine-chance-ist-berlinThis will probably only be of interest to Germans or Berliners. Our beloved former Social Democrat mayor of Berlin Willy Brandt is inviting people to move to Berlin and become Berliners. How charming.

If  it wern´t for the terrible music that came with it…

Deine Chance ist Berlin

(Update 07/04/2009: Another compliment of Stefan who sent me these scans of  images from the booklet that came with the Flexi-disc)


7 Comments on “Deine Chance ist Berlin”

  1. Stefan says:

    Kam original mit einem 44-seitigen Prospekt ! Including great pictures !

    Wie sich die Zeiten doch geändert haben: In den frühen 60ern versuchte der Senat, junge Leute zum Arbeiten nach Berlin zu holen – heute ist die Stadt Rekordhalter in der Arbeitslosenstatistik …

  2. παυσικραίπαλος says:

    Oh! That’s “Berliner Luft” (Luft, Luft…) I love this tune! Why terrible?
    Anyway, willkommen in Berlin zu sein, by Willy Brandt is something that really makes Berlin Chancen look charming! (Wenn nicht heutzutage fuer Arbeitsgruenden, am aller Wenigstens fuer turistische…)


  3. mischalke04 says:

    The song is not terrible. I just have a nasty little Rock´n´Roll monkey sitting on my back that keeps whispering in my ears: “This is fuckin´weak-ass shit you´re listening to! This Music sucks! What kind of Punk are you anyway?” For the most part I manage to always kick the monkey off but the voices keep ringing in my ears. So that´s why I tend to make up some smart remarks. But if I really didn´t like the records and the music, I wouldn´t post them.

    And anyway, I´don´t know any bad music any more. There is something good in everything and I hate snobs. But somehow the little Über-Ich monkey still sits on my back…

  4. παυσικραίπαλος says:

    Well, I think that I could send my white-ass-shit monkey to have some negotiations with your Rock ‘n’ Roll monkey… :-D
    In the meantime, you are going to have many opportunities to enjoy some of this “terrible” music, when I’ll make my own music blog… ;-)


  5. mischalke04 says:

    Don´t think I´m not waiting any more. Please start blogging from Greece. I´m curious what you will come up with in your city…

  6. παυσικραίπαλος says:

    In my city you can come up with everything. The fact is that I can’t predict your reaction hearing the music of my music filter, mainly guided by this white-ass-shit monkey…
    One is for sure: this music is really weird (or, using a Greek word, paradox)…

  7. mischalke04 says:

    I´m ready to be surprized! That´s my favourite impulse. Weird and paradox sounds brilliant.

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