JIMMY FIELDS, Hello, Mary Lou, 1961

tempo-842-fronttempo-842-labelNow I bought them  and I will post them no matter if they´re good or bad. Another German version of Ricky Nelson´s hit song. You can probably skip this. Yes, don´t download this!

This one is a regular vinyl record released by the German budget label Tempo of which I have posted  a few a while back. The thin paper sleeve is very budget-like but I still like the primitive looking design. Imagine that this was all done before Photoshop and computers. Some nameless graphic-artist sat at a light-table for hours and seperated these colours by hand. They never saw what the picture would look like until it was printed.  tempo-842-design

I don´t think that´s  primitive at all…

JIMMY FIELDS, Hello Mary Lou, 1961

THE ROYAL BAVARIAN DIXIELANDERS, Am Sonntag will mein Süßer mit mir segeln gehn, 1961


One Comment on “JIMMY FIELDS, Hello, Mary Lou, 1961”

  1. Karel says:

    very nice picture, honestly!

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