MAX WOISKI UND SEINE BAND , Calypso Nescafe, 1959

A very thin flexible disc with a nice Calypso song advertising for Nescafé sung in German with a thick Dutch accent. Max Woiski sr. (1911-1981) was born in Suriname, in the Dutch Colonies north of Brasil and had a long career in Holland. He started playing Latin-American music in Amsterdam in the 30´s and even opened up his own club La Cubana. calypso-nescafe-detail

I bet Stefan has a sleeve for this one too…

(Update July 3, 2009: As I suspected Stefan indeed had the sleeve and sent it in. Thank you!)nescafe-detail-2


Stefan also sent this sleeve for another Max Woiski record on a Dutch label. Haven´t heard it but it looks very promising.

Bongo, Bongo, Bongo I don´t wanna leave the Kongo…max-woiski-bongomax-woiski


5 Comments on “MAX WOISKI UND SEINE BAND , Calypso Nescafe, 1959”

  1. Stefan says:

    Yes, sure. I hate Nestle for a terrifying product imperialism and they gave out two of the ugliest werbesingles for children DER GESTIEFELTE KATER and HOPPE HOPPE REITER. Trying to catch innocent milk drinkers with fairy tale full of merchandising propaganda …

  2. mischalke04 says:

    I would still like to see the sleeve.

    Ja, stimmt, die Märchenplatten gehn sogar hier n Stück zu weit. Wer will das hören. Und klar Nestle ist böse, aber dieser Calypso nicht. Er ist doch längst vergessen.

    Danke nochmal…

  3. Ron says:


    Danke für diese platte.
    Ist ja toll
    Gab auch ein in Holland.
    Er war sehr gut in die 50’s mit sein band,machte viele platten/


  4. Roger Kulp says:

    Irwin Chisud played this a few years back on his late,lamented “Muriel’s Treasure” show.There is a vinyl 7″ press of this too,which I think may be earlier.That one pops up with some degree of frequency on eBay,when you search for “calypso”.

  5. kapuzimann says:

    ich finde deine seite phantastisch!
    und mag auch sehr flexis.
    wunderbar, was du da machst.
    beste grüße

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