DAVE MYERS EFFECT, Speed International, 1966

This is a soundtrack from the MGM-film Grand Prix directed by John Frankenheimer and starring James Garner, Eva Maria Saint and Yves Montand. The title track is  crap but Speed International is a really cool organ and percussion driven beat tune.

Including plenty of roaring engines…

DAVE MYERS EFFECT, Speed International, 1966

DAVE MYERS EFFECT, Grand Prix, 1966

(Update 07/09/09:  Stefan must have a million records. Or exactly my taste in music. Once again he had this record too. And the sleeve. Thank you, Stefan!)grand-prix


2 Comments on “DAVE MYERS EFFECT, Speed International, 1966”

  1. Stefan says:

    Hot tires and hot sounds this week … ol´ piccover is on the way …

  2. Working on whole Maurice Jarre discography, where is it possible to find the SP GRAND PRIX ? Thanks for your answer. Best from Paris. Jacqes

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