THE TIGERS, GeeTO Tiger, 1965

I don´t care about cars. I don´t even have a drivers licence. You don´t need one in this city. Public transportation is very reliable and besides that pretty much everywhere I need to go I can go by bicycle. I´m a little busy this week so these posts are going to be short. Just good music.

The Tigers were some guys from the Deuce Coupes who were involved in the California Surf and Hot Rod scene. This record was advertising for the new 1965 Pontiac GeeTO Tiger. Two great Surf/Hot Rod tunes. I like the semi-instrumental b-side GeeTO Prowl even better…

THE TIGERS, GeeTO Tiger, 1965

THE TIGERS, The GeeTO Prowl, 1965


5 Comments on “THE TIGERS, GeeTO Tiger, 1965”

  1. robert says:

    Two good songs :-) Thank you for this.

  2. παυσικραίπαλος says:

    “I don´t care about cars. I don´t even have a drivers licence.” Ha! There’s another reason to really like you, my dear Andreas! Nothing is coincidental (at least not amongst record collectors)! Till now I have avoided driver’s licence, successfully, but I can’t predict how much this is going to last… I am also a big-city-kid and I like public transports. Traveling by them, is really inspiring for me. But I really miss my bicycle that I used to move with when I was in Germany…

    You have posted some very nice east-european summer music, Andreas!
    With this oppurtunity, I’d like to wish you, herrliche sommerliche Ferien!!!

    Schoenste Gruesse aus HEISSE Athen

  3. rockinbavarian says:

    Offenbar bot der G.T.O Stoff für treibende Musik. Ich mochte immer Ronny & Teh Daytonas ‘G.T.O.’ und kannte die Tigers bisher nicht. Zufällig bekam ich jetzt die Scheibe und Barry Hockenberger, der Organist, meinte, die Tigers hätten sich aus einer Gruppe namens ‘Viscounts’ gebildet. Die Schallplatte erschien kommerziell in zwei verschiedenen Cover-Varianten, wobei die Promo-Version in den Vertriebsläden des Wagens an Kunden ausgegeben wurde..”she’s got a Wide-Track action on a groovy set o’ red line tires!”. Danke für den tip, wäre von selbst nicht auf die Scheibe gestoßen!

  4. Barry Hockenberger says:

    I was the lead singer for the Tigers and you are mistaken about the group being from the Deuce Coupes. If you want more information feel free to contact me.

  5. Barry Hockenberger says:

    As the lead singer for the Tigers I would be happy to pass on information about the group and the hit song GeeTo Tiger. My email is

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