EMIL DIMITROV, Signal, 1964

emil-frontemil-backemil-labelThis  is a Bulgarian 45 by Emil Dimitrov. Signal was Dimitrov´s  first hit, a Twist song with a slow spoken introduction that goes into the typical fast little nervous twistin´style that was popular all over Europe. emil-detail

So let´s twist the Bulgarian Twist!

EMIL DIMITROV, Signal, 1964

EMIL DIMITROV, Alo Mademoasel, 1964

3 Comments on “EMIL DIMITROV, Signal, 1964”

  1. hey, that’s so nice to find this and the other bulgarian 1964 pop. thanks. i’m going to repost them in a blog post i’m doing about some 1965 folk field recordings in Bulgaria – to give a bit of balance. nice site. i’m coning back for a proper browse.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    You´re welcome. You have a very cool blog, I feel honored to have contributed to it. These Bulgarian records were quite easy to come by here in Berlin, when East-Berliners got rid of their musical past in the 90s. I have lots more.

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