bb mark richards 2 I´m on vacation right now so this week fellow record collector Stefan is filling in for me. He collects mostly German advertisement records and has donated missing sleeves of records I posted a few times over the last weeks. He made quite an effort to scan the records, digitize the music and write these posts. I hope you enjoy his selections as much as I do. So please feel free to comment if you download his music. It would be a small gratification for his work.  I now leave you with Stefan:

When it comes to the TWIST  I ´m not an expert like Andreas is. But every 45 collector should at least have a couple of Twist records in his record cabinet, or rather in his record-ALBUM. Dance records were used for parties and to carry them you needed a record album or a box. The pretty designs of these albums made it easy to leave the picture sleeves at home. In order for the record to find its way back to its owner after the party, it was common to put a name or a sticker (on the black labels) on them. Of course today most of those party records are visually and audibly in quite a different condition than the MINT material that makes for sleepless collector´s mark richards 3

But they ´re HOT TUNES!



(Ich bin ja im Gegensatz zu Dir kein Spezialist, was den TWIST angeht. Aber jeder Singlesammler wird zumindest ein paar wenige Twist-Scheiben im Schrank haben, oder besser: im ALBUM. Nachdem die tanzbaren Sachen gerne bei Partys aufgelegt wurden und man die dann auch zu solchen mitnahm, bot sich ein Album oder Köfferchen zum Transport an. Auf eine Bildhülle konnte man dank der vielen hübschen Albenmotive daher meist verzichten. Daß die Single wieder nach der Party den richtigen Besitzer fand, war es üblich, auf dem Label Namen oder Sticker (bei schwarzen Labels) anzubringen.
Derart partytaugliche Platten befinden sich natürlich in sichtlich und hörbar anderem Zustand wie das MINT-Material schlafloser Plattensammlernächte. Aber: Heiße Nummern !)

mark-richards-frontmark-richards-backmark-richards-labelBecause Hans from Holland wanted to hear it and because it fits the gap, here´s another record by Marc Richards and the Silver Keys. I don´t know anything about him but this French EP seems like another typical record that was trying to cash-in on the Twist craze. There is a a vocal-group style song, another that sounds more like Sam Cooke and two straight Twist numbers.mark-richards-detail

But its all great black Rock´n´Roll!!!

MARK RICHARDS &  THE SILVER KEYS, My Baby Couldn´t Dance, 1962



MARK RICHARDS & THE SILVER KEYS, I just couldn´t Take It, 1962

les-guitares-du-diableNow if only one of you had this little French record by LES GUITARES DU DIABLE that is displayed on the back of the sleeve. I sure would like to listen to that…

13 Comments on “MARK RICHARDS & THE SILVER KEYS, The Twist, 1962”

  1. baikinange says:

    The music is forgettable, but the sleeve is GREAT! Thanks for posting.

  2. Hendrik says:

    hallo good post! I have a question for the berliners under you. I’m in search for a good twist-place or dance-bar where the twist comes along in berlin. Can anyone of you help me?

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Hallo Hendrik,

    eine Twist-Bar gibt es in Berlin zwar nicht, aber einige Bars und Clubs die hauptsaechlich Retro-60s Zeug spielen, zum Beispiel im BASSY und im KONRAD TOENZ. Da wird auch schon mal ein Twist dabei sein.
    Vielleicht weiss aber auch sonst noch ein Leser was? Hallo…? Hallo…? Hoert mich jemand? Was macht der Twister in Berlin? Hallo…

  4. Hendrik says:

    ok danke schoen!

  5. paul says:

    Fantastic stuff. I have a 45rpm record album for keeping the singles in that has the same cover.It was my mothers

  6. hanst says:

    Hello Hendrik, this is a fantastic EP on the dutch Phillips label, but… what are the titles on the B-side? Very good singer this Mark Richards.
    A doo wop group? Never heard of it.
    I saw a french EP on Ebay:
    Greatings from Holland! Very interesting site!

  7. mischalke04 says:

    Hello Hans,

    Thanks for caring. My name is Andreas but this record was posted by Stefan, who filled in for me in July. After I returned from my vacation I found a package from him in the mail. He gave me most of the records he posted as a present! Very nice. Thanks Stefan!

    The Songs are

    A-SIDE: 1.The Twist, 2.After School
    B-SIDE: 3.Hey Little Girl, 4. Swinging Papa

    I have that other french Philips EP too. To save you the money to buy it on Ebay and because it would fit anyway, I´ll post it tomorrow right here.

    Best wishes

  8. Stefan says:

    No prob, Andreas – we are sailing in the same 45rpM boat …

  9. gary k.waters says:

    These Mark Richards tracks are super.However,they are available under
    several different names(Tubby Chess & His Candy Stripe Twisters and
    Ray Gunn & His Blasters PLUS other names too)
    Either way,if youve got the tracks,ENJOY! Gary.

  10. JC Discs says:

    I’ve got Tubby Chess & His Candy Stripe Twisters which includes a song called “Loving You” which is identical to “Lovin’ You Baby” by Charlie Francis (whoever he is) on a Swingin’ Shindig album from ’64.

  11. JC Discs says:

    I’ve since found out that Charlie Francis is a made up name used by Coronet records. The other song credited to Charlie Francis on the Swingin’ Shindig album is “Elizabeth” by the Hollywood Flames.

  12. JC Discs says:

    Charlie Francis is a made up name used by Coronet records. The other song credited to Charlie Francis on the Swingin’ Shindig album is “Elizabeth” by the Hollywood Flames.

  13. druca fate says:

    It’s incredible how this and other recordings by The Silver Keys (having as crooners Mark Richards, Billy Wade, Chet Avery, Ray Garnett) were released in various countries under different names: Tyler King & The Twisteens, George Hudson & The Twisters (and many more names).

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