AL HENDERSON, Lemon Twist, 1962

Al Henderson, born in Owensboro, Kentucky, recorded a fine Rock´n´Roll 45 (Ding Dong Dandy/Mary Jane) for East-West in 1958, recorded with Boyd Bennett‘s Rockets in 1960 and another record for King in 1963. all-star-dairies

This record was issued by All Star Dairies to promote the Lemon Twist Ice Cream. Lemon Twist is a pretty average take on Let´s Twist Again but All Star Boy is a fine rocker with a nice guitar break.

Plus this little fella is makin my mouth water. I wish I had some  All Star Ice Cream right now.  The company still operates today though…

AL HENDERSON, Lemon Twist, 1962

AL HENDERSON, All Star Boy, 1962

3 Comments on “AL HENDERSON, Lemon Twist, 1962”

  1. Kurt L - KL in NYC says:

    Hi, I’ve been replacing lots of music files that I lost in a crash. Did you remove the B-side because of rights problems? The file for the A-side is still there.

  2. Kurt L - KL in NYC says:

    The A-side downloads, but it’s not there, either.

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Hey Kurt,
    I never had to remove any of the files because of rights problems. But a while back I deleted most of the old files just to clean up and start fresh. Now what´s gone is gone. Wish I could do that here at home in my apartement…

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