MICHAEL POMEROY, Night Train, 1962

discount-disc-labelI bought close to 200 records on this trip, 180 45´s and 20 Lp´s. The most I´ve ever bought on a trip. The majority were 50 cents to 1 dollar. And because airlines let you take  only one bag I had to carry most of them onto the plane. It was real work getting those records home.


On the last day in Brattleboro the nice owner of  In the Moment offered me another 50 records for 2 dollars that came with a record rack. I already had 150 and wasn´t sure about that, but then Julia gave in and I got them. Now I´m happy I did.records-with-rack

Also in this metal rack were seven Discount Disc 6-song EP´s,  typical drugstore records. Not in the best shape, but for less than 5 cents a piece, I´m not complaining. That´s less than one cent for a song. Try to beat that iTunes!discount-discs

Discount Discs were manufactured by Pickwick International Records, the originators of budget records. Lou Reed got his start in the music-business, working as a staff songwriter for Pickwick. He didn´t write any of these though, because they´re all cover versions of hit songs. You will probably recognize most of them.

So, give these 45´s,  that seem doomed to be discount records forever,  a chance. The songs are great!

Not as blazin´fast as the James Brown 1962 version but still real cool instrumental version of  Night Train:

MICHAEL POMEROY, Night Train, 1962

Pretty close to the Orlons original:

THE DISCOUNTS, The Wah-Watusi, 1962

Get it. It´s good and it´s free:

THE DISCOUNTS, Green Onions, 1962

Nice instrumental version of Chubby Checker´s hit record:

THE DISCOUNTS, Limbo Rock, 1962

Again pretty faithful cover of  the Dovells:

THE RAMRODS, Hully Gully Baby, 1962

Instrumental version of the Blue Belles:

THE RAMRODS, I Sold My Heart To The Junkman

Nice rough version of the Contours hit:

THE TRIANGLES, Do you Love Me, 1962

Sounds more like Frankie Lymon than Chubby Checker:

TUBBY CHESS, Dancin´Party, 1962

Despite the name this version sounds more like the Isley brothers:

THE ENGLAND BROS., Twist & Shout, 1962

Dee Dee Sharp recorded the original:

JEWEL-PEARL, Gravy For My Mashed Potatoes, 1962

Freddy Cannon:

MEL BROWN, Palisades Park, 1962

Thurston Harris:

DICK CRAWFORD, Little Bitty Pretty One, 1962

Jimmy Clanton:

FRANKIE MILLS, Venus In Blue Jeans, 1962

Joanie Sommers:

IRIS BURKE, Johnny Get Angry, 1962


ARTURO, Little Diane, 1962

Originally sung by Johnny Western, from the TV-show Have Gun Will Travel:

WAYNE ARMSTRONG, Ballad Of Paladin, 1962


2 Comments on “MICHAEL POMEROY, Night Train, 1962”

  1. KellyP says:

    It was great reading about your trip. I’ve been living in Massachusetts for 4 years now and haven’t seen nearly as much of this area as you two just did, so you’ve inspired me to go head out in some new directions. Glad you made some good scores record-wise!

  2. bob says:

    Any chance for a re-up of all these songs?

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