Provincetown, Massachusetts

After spending a couple of days in Vermont, Lisa drove with us down  to Provincetown to meet our friend Nicholas Kahn, one part of the kollaborative duo KAHN & SELESNICK, who was having a gallery show there. This was before the show:

I had my doubts about Provincetown but only a couple of hours later the town had me convinced. On the main street Julia met her old friend painter and cartographer Marc Adams, who was also having an opening at the Schoolhouse gallery the same night. I asked him if he knew of a new fiction book about the life of a cartographer called The Selected Works of  T.S. Spivit by  Reif Larson and he said that he had just bought it. I then said that I had done the lettering for the German edition of the book, but I was dumbfounded when he told me that the father of Reif Larson was also going to be at the opening. me-and-marc-adamsAnd I did. It´s a small world.

We spend a wonderful time in Provincetown and at the beach in Truro. After a couple of days  Nicholas took us with him to Brooklyn.

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