THE TRAVELLERS, Romeo & Julia, 1969

This type of music and humour mostly appealed to more conservative-minded people. Old people. That was the Travellers´audience. Old people didn´t like Hippies but unlike Freddy Quinn who wrote and recorded one of the most aggressive German Anti-Hippie songs, the Travellers Romeo & Julia strikes a much more sympathetic tone.hippies These old guys kinda liked Hippies.

Strangely the chorus Wir (We) is the same in both songs, but they are different songs. Which came first I don´t know.

Both songs co-written by Hans Bradtke who also did the drawing.

THE TRAVELLERS, Romeo & Julia, 1969

THE TRAVELLERS, Kaisers Bart, 1969

10 Comments on “THE TRAVELLERS, Romeo & Julia, 1969”

  1. Troy McClure says:

    From an American perspective–
    I remember 1969 as a kid, and wanting to grow my hair as long as I could, which I did do until about 1975, when I got tired of hippie culture and wanted something different. But I remember the political divide when I was a kid. Either you liked long hair and the hippie culture or you didn’t. The hippies in America (many of them anyway) looked down upon pre-1965 rock ‘n roll as too ‘simplistic’ and not enough words to mean anything (as Bob Dylan and the Beatles had changed rock to be more words and less danceable beat). By the mid-seventies I was ready to exit “hippie-world” and look for a return to faster, simpler rock ‘n roll music. The hippie rock stuff went corporate, with big acts filling stadiums and getting tedious (to me). So when punk came along in 1976 with groups like the Ramones and Sex Pistols, their music seemed to fit in with the early rock ‘n roll I had begun collecting, buying from old record bins and reissue LPs. Listening to old Eddie Cochran or Gene Vincent wasn’t too far different from listening to the Ramones or the Clash (and especially neo-rockabilly and surf revival in the early eighties).
    In fact, we of my age group who were too young to go to Woodstock but remembered the times as kids, were ready to rebel and go into punk and early rock ‘n roll. We even cut our long hair short, and wore fifties used clothing that we bought from second-hand stores. The hippies became the ‘old people’ that WE didn’t want to be!

    Now I look back and think it was all kind of funny, but I still like the fast early rock ‘n roll sounds more than the sounds of late sixties ‘rock’. And I love the sound of an old Fender guitar with reverb!

  2. mischalke04 says:

    It was the same thing here.

    I´m a little younger than you but all my friends hated Hippies deeply in the early 80´s, when they were still the dominant youth-subculture. I didn´t. The dominant youth-culture was Disco. That I hated .

    But still we all went to the stupid Disco every weekend to stand around and bitch about all the lame people and wait until they played This is not a Love Sooooo-ng. Then a friend of mine even prided himself on running around with the Skinheads and beating up Hippies. Now, I really hated that.
    I was a teenage Rockabilly even before the Stray Cats and I really like the feeling to get a real sharp hair-cut, but I didn´t want anything to do with those bullies and Nazis!

    When it comes to Rock´n´Roll I always think about a tall, gay, black man with make-up on screaming: A WOP BOP A LOO BOP A LOP BAM BOOM!!!!!
    Rock´n´Roll knows no boundries!

    I guess I´m a Hippie at heart.

    You probably don´t have the time, but I think you should write a blog.

  3. Troy McClure says:

    I also went to the discos and hated it then. But just as I don’t hate all hippie music today (that was back 25-30 years ago) I also don’t hate all disco now. Some disco was very creative, like Georgio Moroder “Son of My Father” 1972, or Donna Summer, or even the “disco” of Grace Jones, who I always really liked. I too was into rockabilly from early on—from 1974 when I first heard Elvis’ Sun records played.

    I think what it boils down to for me is not political, but of STYLE. I really like the “look” of 1960-63. I hated what they did to the Beatles, taking them out of leather gear and making them wear suits. I also think they played better rock ‘n roll when they were in the small clubs, before they became famous.

    And yes, I too enjoy listening to Little Richard, the “Queen” of Rock ‘n Roll.

    I guess I’m a 1963 JFK-voting, surfer guy, Swedish middle class Social Democrat. I like my politics left-of-center/progressive, but I don’t want to give up my sommar stuga or bil or middle class Swedish style of living.

    I hope you can return to us in Brattleboro, because I really think you should guest on my show. Seriously! And thanks for posting my show on your blog! That was great!

  4. mischalke04 says:

    What I like about us getting older is being able to enjoy all sorts of music and culture because we´re not in any tight social group any more. No peer-pressure like in high-school or in any “scene”. No one to watch over us to see if we´re cool or not.
    But then again, where did all this freedom get me: my favourite music is garbage right now. Have you listened to the music I posted today? It´s one thing buying one of these Travellers records, but what made me collect them? Over months and years. And I´ve got more of them that I didn´t even post! Who needs this shit??? And my girlfriend always sais it makes her choke when she sees me coming home with more stuff. And more stuff piling up. At least I have this blog. If I wouldn´t have this blog there would be no place on earth to show anyone really.
    Well, maybe do a radio show. And I´ll do just that next week right here in Berlin on Tuesday September 8th on Herbstradio 99.1 FM from 9 to 11pm! Listening to your show gave me some extra inspiration!

  5. Troy McClure says:

    Hmm….Is there a way to tune in to your radio show online? : )

    You have to follow your heart, Andreas. If you enjoy collecting records, as long as you have room for them, and you like it, somehow it will work out. I heard an artist in our town who is famous, Wolf Kahn, say that a true artist does not care what the people think. He/she just creates what is their passion. Otherwise it’s just making jingles for advertising or being a “pop whore”. What drew me to your blog was the strange and off-beat material that you have posted. Anybody can post top-artists or trendy music, but not everyone can post what you have.

    You only get one life and you should live it. When I do my shows, I act like a total idiot and I don’t care, because I could never be “cool” — it is too boring! To act like my old idol when I was a teenager, James Dean, was too much moody posing and trying to be “cool”. Not much fun. I think it’s better to be “hot” than “cool”. When you are hot you are on fire, and lit up with your passion of what you like. So I have stopped trying to be cool. I just be myself, and if people don’t like it, there are billions of other people on the planet that they can tune in to.

    Maybe you need a grant from an arts council to store your things, and you could be the Berlin specialist guy in old recordings. They could give you a warehouse and an official title. You could open up a museum.

    Have you seen the film “Ghost World”? It deals with record collecting and with trying to be yourself in a world that forces conformity on everyone. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it!

  6. michaelvee says:

    .. Freddy’s Antihippy-Hymne (…auch lange Haare, nur sind sie gewaschen) war schon kurz nach dem Erscheinen so (anti)kultig, daß Peter Zadek sie als Schlußtrailer in “Ich bin ein Elefant Madame” einbaute.. mein aboluter Lieblingsfilm!!!

    tanti saluti

  7. mischalke04 says:

    Deshalb finde ich das heitere Hippie-Lied von den Travellers ja auch so gut.

    Als Kind hat mich Freddy allerdings immer zum Weinen gebracht. Bei “Junge komm bald wieder” musste ich immer an meinen Vater denken, der zur See fuhr und nur alle 6 Monate wieder kam.

    Heute kann ich den selbstherrlichen, vergrätzten Freddy nicht mehr leiden. Und er ist auch gar kein richtiger Hamburger! Trotzdem: Freddy´s “So geht das jede Nacht” von 1956 ist eine richtig schöne Rock´n´Roll Nummer…

  8. michaelvee says:

    .. das ändert die Sache natürlich, wenn man einen Daddy auf See hat …. ansonsten bestätige ich: So geht das jede Nacht ist echt klasse (aber wahrscheinich auch der einzig anhörbare Song von F…..)

  9. Wiredi says:

    Schade, die DivShare-Links funktionieren bei mir nicht ;-(

  10. mischalke04 says:

    Jetzt funktioniert´s!

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