KORAFAS, Kili Watch, 1961

korafas-frontkorafas-backkorafas-labelOur radio show on Tuesday was a lot of fun. We played a really diverse range of music and further established our two very diverse radio personalities: East-Andy and West-Andy. I´m the happy-go-lucky fast-talker and the other Andy is the down-to-earth slow-talker. I play the stupid and the funny music and he plays the stupid and the angry music.

And then we had Wade calling-in from Brattleboro, Vermont. He does a real cool Exotica and Rock´n´Roll show on WVEW107.7 called Peel Slowly & See. Wade talked about how he does free-form radio in Brattleboro, how he prepares for his  show and what it was like listening to the radio in the 60´s and 70´s. We agreed that we are both trying our best to revive that spirit and get rid of the lameness in today´s radio. Thanks Wade!

Before we come to the music, I added something to two posts lately:

While in Brooklyn in August I found a copy of  the MAD magazine that ALF NEWMAN´s  It´s a gas originally appeared in. I added the cover of the magazine and two more images. If you haven´t already done so, you should check out this record! It´s amazingly funny and it rocks and it rolls!  You´ll find it here.

The second addition was four more songs by MARK RICHARDS AND THE SILVER KEYS. Stefan posted a Twist EP of MARK RICHARDS in one of his guest posts in July and now I posted another French picture-sleeve EP. It´s actually real cool black Rock´n´Roll. You´ll find both records  here.


Now here´s  the great KORAFAS!

Actually I know nothing about this big man from Greece. The only things I could make out from the back of the sleeve of this French EP is that Korafas not als sings ( in French and Italian)  but also plays the piano on these songs. Kili Watch was a hit for Bob Azzam in France and also for the Belgian Instrumental group The Cousins. They were many other versions that year, among them one by Johnny Hallyday, but this version by the “Ulysses of the modern times”  is probably the silliest. La gatta equals that with some cat´s meows thrown in…

KORAFAS est le conquérant hellène des rythmes modernes.

Bravo KORAFAS, tu es L´Ulysse des temps modernes.

KORAFAS, Kili Watch, 1961

KORAFAS, Deliziosa, 1961

KORAFAS, La joie d´aimer, 1961

KORAFAS, La gatta, 1961


2 Comments on “KORAFAS, Kili Watch, 1961”

  1. Troy McClure says:

    It was nice to be interviewed on your show, even if I “blah blah blah-ed” too much detail and ran your clock down. Danke schön!

    I have a digital copy of Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neumann doing “What – Me Worry?” and on the flipside, “Potrzebie”. Interesting record.

    As a kid I was always reading Mad Magazine. I used to get my mom to buy me a copy at the supermarket (only 35 cents–cheap!) and I had many comix in it that were my favorites. My older sister had the album on the Big Top label, “Mad Twists Rock ‘n Roll” which she got from my dad for babysitting us little ones (my younger brother and myself). My dad used to laugh at “She Got A Nose Job” and also at “Agnes (Teenaged Russian Spy)”. I think my sister played the album more to please my dad because he had bought it for her (in 1963 or 64), because she played it sometimes, but more often played stuff like the Beatles, Stones, Monkees, Bob Dylan, and whatever new was coming on the scene in the sixties. By 1971, her early Twist records, a Honeycombs LP, and the Mad LP were all bundled together by my oldest brother, who put them in my brother’s and my closet with a note: “If you find these, Please keep them!”. As little kids we played them because we didn’t have “discriminating” taste like my older brothers and sister by then had. I held onto that Mad Twists LP until the mid-1990s, when it got taken out of storage by my dad (my parent’s house was my storage place for old things). He and my mom had a garage sale and he sold it for 25 cents (cheap!) before I could stop him. A lot of my old records got sold (cheap!) like this before I could drive over to their house and stop them. The moral of the story is: If you have something of value, don’t leave it with anyone else, particularly with parents who are “throwers” and not “savers” as I am. My baseball cards, my toys, my old records—many things got sold or thrown away by my unsentimental dad.

  2. παυσικραίπαλος says:

    Too bad for this “conquérant hellène des rythmes modernes” that his destiny is to be so unknown even in his very own father-land…
    Actually, even singers that have done a far more successful career to foreign countries, are almost unknown to the country that they were born to (like for instance in the case of Costas Cordalis, whose name I heard for the first time, only when I was student in Germany)…

    The only Korafas (frenchizing his name to “Corraface”) that is quite famous in France as well as in Greece, is this–> http://www.corraface.net/parcours/bioen.htm
    whose father, in particular, was a musician- alas, of the classical music.
    At all events, it’s not impossible that these two are indeed relatives…

    As for the characterization of this frisky Greek as “Ulysses”, is rather not a trick of the writer of the disc back-cover text, to beguile the prospective buyers, as it probably refers to the very origin of the singer, namely the island Ithaca…

    Anyhow, THANK YOU dear Andreas, for uploading this disc and I hope that in the future more Greek unknown artists of the odd disco-land, will enrich your blog!!!

    Mach’s jut

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