NIX-NOMADS, She´ll be sweeter than you, 1964

This kinda fits with the Upper Hand record. I bought this a couple of month ago at a thrift store. It´s  quite a beat-up  copy but that´s why it was only 1 euro. It plays well and I play it a lot.

The Nix-Nomads from Ipswich attracted a devoted mod following and released only this single.

She´ll be sweeter than you is a stomping Rhythm & Blues influenced British Beat number while You´re nobody ´til somebody loves you , a Ray Charles cover, is slower but equally heavy.

She´ll be sweeter than you has been featured on the British R&B and the British Freakbeat comps.

NIX-NOMADS, She´ll be sweeter than you, 1964

NIX-NOMADS, You´re nobody ´til somebody loves you, 1964



Ich bin ganz aufgeregt, heute geht es los:

OSTBERLIN BEATET BESSERES und BERLIN BEATET BESTES haben sich zusammen getan, und machen ab Dienstag dem 8. September einmal pro Woche von 21 bis 23 Uhr auf  Herbstradio 99.1 Mhz eine eigene Sendung.

Die Sendung heisst der Einfachheit halber BERLIN BEATET BESTES.

Die Zeit der Dorfmusik ist vorbei! Jetzt gibt´s Radio, für das sich Berlin nicht mehr schämen muß! Schräger geht´s nicht! Kein elender Charts-Schrott und keine Werbung! Das ist wirklich unabhängiges Radio für Berlin!

Ausserdem könnt ihr mal unsere zauberhaften Stimmen hören…

Also schaltet eure Radios ein für:


Dienstag, 8. September, 21 -23 Uhr auf  Herbstradio 99.1 Mhz

oder hört Online zu auf Herbstradio 99.1 Mhz

The blogs OSTBERLIN BEATET BESSERES and BERLIN BEATET BESTES have joined forces to do a radio show together. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday September 8th from 9 to 11pm, we will be playing the weirdest music ever heard on Berlin radio! Right now Herbstradio 99.1 Mhz is the only truly  independent non-profit activist radio station in Berlin!

You can listen online here.

So tune in tomorrow to listen to our charming voices and hear some crazy German music…

DIE TRAVELLERS, Was trägt der Schotte unterm Rock?, 1967

I know, most of this week´s posts are in very bad taste, but this music is from Berlin, has mostly been forgotten,  is funny and the records have cartoon sleeves. Of course I love it!

Of The 3  Travellers Mischa Andrejew, Fred Oldörp and Eddie Rothé, only Oldörp was from Berlin, but they made a point of recording many songs dedicated to the city. Most of The 3 Travellers swinging stuff  from the late 40´s and 50´s has been re-issued many times over the years whereas their later material, that they recorded as only the Travellers in the late 60´s and 70´s, has not.

By then they had developed into a German version of  Homer & Jethro who jumped onto the sex-wave of the late 60´s. Though highly successful at the time, these parodies of hit-songs only had a limited appeal. Today The Travellers seem to have run their course.

Was trägt der Schotte unterm Rock? ( What does the Scotsman wear under his skirt?) is a parody-version of Rock around the Clock and Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Klärchens neuer Strand-Bikini is… guess what?

DIE TRAVELLERS, Was hat der Schotte unterm Rock?, 1967

DIE TRAVELLERS, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Klärchens neuer Strand-Bikini, 1967




THE TRAVELLERS, Romeo & Julia, 1969

This type of music and humour mostly appealed to more conservative-minded people. Old people. That was the Travellers´audience. Old people didn´t like Hippies but unlike Freddy Quinn who wrote and recorded one of the most aggressive German Anti-Hippie songs, the Travellers Romeo & Julia strikes a much more sympathetic tone.hippies These old guys kinda liked Hippies.

Strangely the chorus Wir (We) is the same in both songs, but they are different songs. Which came first I don´t know.

Both songs co-written by Hans Bradtke who also did the drawing.

THE TRAVELLERS, Romeo & Julia, 1969

THE TRAVELLERS, Kaisers Bart, 1969

DIE TRAVELLERS, Mamma, zieh die Hot Pants an, 1970

Mamma zieh die Hot Pants an is  about an old dude going to bed and then suggesting that his old lady wear some of those hip new Hot Pants.  Sounds pretty bad but The Travellers even snuck a nice touch of  fuzz guitar in there.mamma

The  A-side Der Pleitegeier is a cover of El Cóndor Pasa, with changed lyrics about being broke. How fitting in these times…pleitegeier

DIE TRAVELLERS, Mamma zieh die Hot Pants an, 1970

DIE TRAVELLERS, Der Pleitegeier, 1970

DIE TRAVELLERS, Ein bisschen Hausfrau, ein bisschen dufte Biene, 1969

Most of the Travellers cartoon designs were done by the little-known cartoonist Werner Franke. A few others, like this one, were done by  one of the Travellers´ songwriters Hans Bradtke. Bradtke wrote many hit songs for other artists but I still couldn´t find out anything about  his cartooning.

Too bad, I like  his style. bradtke-69

DIE TRAVELLERS, Ein Bisschen Hausfrau, ein bisschen dufte Biene, 1969

DIE TRAVELLERS, Na-Na, Na-Na, 1969

DIE TRAVELLERS, He Leute, Kauft bei Frau Beate ein!, 1971

With this the Travellers exploited the sex-wave head-on. He Leute, kauft bei Frau Beate ein! ( Hey People, go shop at Mrs Beate!) was referring to Beate Uhse, the world leader in sales of sexual-aids. The original Der Trödler Abraham was written and recorded by Wolfgang Hofer from Austria in 1970.beate

Equally cheerful is the Travellers version of Danyel Gérard´s German #1 hit-song Butterfly from 1971.ei-ei-ei

DIE TRAVELLERS, He Leute, Kauft bei Frau Beate ein!, 1971

DIE TRAVELLERS, Ei, ei, ei, my Butterfly, 1971

DIE TRAVELLERS, Meine Olle liest den Kolle, 1969

Oswalt Kolle was Germany´s most well-known sex-educator. Meine Olle liest den Kolle (My old Lady is reading Kolle) is about a housewife reading a Oswalt Kolle book to improve their sex life.kolle Sind Sie der Fürst von Liechtenstein? is about a guy wanting to escape to Liechtenstein because, among other things, there were too many protests in Berlin and students shouting Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh!

DIE TRAVELLERS, Meine Olle liest den Kolle, 1969

DIE TRAVELLERS, Sind Sie der Fürst von Liechtenstein?, 1969