DIE TRAVELLERS, Ich war der Putzer vom Kaiser, 1969

It gets worse and worse and I know you all skipped this week´s posts already. The Travellers recorded many more 45´s and Lp´s into the 70´s, some of the later period ones having full nude covers.putzer

This is a cover-version of Whistling Jack Smith´s I was Kaiser Bill´s Batman with added lyrics. korsett

Det Korsett (The Corset) is an original by the Travellers sung in Berlin dialect.

DIE TRAVELLERS, Ich war der Putzer vom Kaiser, 1969

DIE TRAVELLERS, Det Korsett, 1969


DIE 3 TRAVELLERS, Ja, Kleider machen Leute, 1962

This advertising-record was celebrating 125 years of the Berlin clothing-industry in 1962. It was co-written and released on Will Meisel´s own Berlin-based Metropol label. This is the previous style the 3 Travellers played in and that mainly stood the test of time.

Okay, maybe not this song…


DIE 3 TRAVELLERS, Ja, Kleider machen Leute, 1962

STUDIO-ORCHESTER, Ja, Kleider machen Leute, 1962

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