This song is a strange hybrid of the German genre of  Stimmungsmusik, used for parties and for the Karneval, and Rock´n´Roll. These two musical styles usually didn´t mix because of the generation gap. Stimmungsmusik, mostly marches with sleazy lyrics, was music for old people. Squares.

Well, this slightly rocks. Textil-Sparverein means Textile Savers Club. Minikini is about a guy complaining about his girlfriend because she is not wearing a Bikini. She is wearing a Minikini – no Bikini. Nimm keine Frau aus Kansas is a silly Cowboy song. Don´t take a woman from Kansas, because she carries guns when you´re kissing…

In 1964 the Bambis from Austria hit with Mini-kini-Baby. The lyrics were similar: a guy is telling his girlfriend, you can wear a Mini-Kini,  but only when we´re alone…



DER TEXTIL-SPARVEREIN, Nimm keine Frau aus Kansas, 1964

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