KEITHA FODEBA, Arissa, 1963

Here´s the second EP by Keita Fodeba and his African ensemble issued by the Czechoslovak label Supraphon. Arissa is a song in praise of a wrestler from the Diola tribe.

KEITHA FODEBA, Arissa, 1963

One Comment on “KEITHA FODEBA, Arissa, 1963”

  1. Thomas says:

    The british claim to rule the waves but they also claim, the american wave the rules.
    No chance for re-ups of KEITHA FODEBA, Laicima, 1963 + KEITHA FODEBA, Arissa, 1963 +
    THE DYNAMIC 6+1, Moyambé, 1966 + I.K.DAIRO & HIS BLUE BOYS, Yekeyeke, 1962 +
    NASHIL PICHEN & PETER TSOTSI, Kondakta (Make The Bus Go Fast), 1962 all shared on dec. 3rd, 2009??????
    I know Les Ballets Africains since 1979 but wasn’t able to come by any of their (rare)
    records, when watching a football-match in Hamburg, Soulful Dynamics performed in the break,
    I know the music of I. K. Dairo but did not know of NASHIL PICHEN & PETER TSOTS at all.
    You are a German but not an American but perhaps you are so kind to wave your rules in this very case. There will be more people interested to download, they must be notified only, what I would taken on.
    Would be kind to know your decission.

    Kind regards / Thomas

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