SERGE LEBRASSE, Ding Dong Banané, 1970

You have to listen to this yourself as I have no idea how to describe it right now. No idea who Serge Lebrasse is either.

SERGE LEBRASSE, Ding Dong Banané, 1970

SERGE LEBRASSE, Seychelles Bijou de L´Océan, 1970


3 Comments on “SERGE LEBRASSE, Ding Dong Banané, 1970”

  1. James says:

    This is a well-known artist from the Island of Mauritius. He’s in his 70s now but is still very much active! This is a sega record with two songs: one is about the Seychelles (which he calls “the jewel of the Indian Ocean”) and the other is about celebrating the new year (“Banane” is Mauritian Kreol for “Bonne Annee” or “Happy New Year”). I hope this helps.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks a lot for this information! I was hoping to lean more about Serge Lebrasse and I couldn´t find anything on the internet…

  3. till says:

    hallo, es wäre ganz toll wenn du die platte nochmal hochladen könntest. vielen dank

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