BERNHARD FRANK & DIE RAKETEN, Liebesmelodie, 1965

And then Mario pulled out this record and I was floored! Another Bernhard Frank record! Together with his group: The Rockets! And it is another winner! As I´ve written before, I have yet to hear a bad song Bernhard Frank  recorded. Thanks again Mario!!!


The Kaskade label released records of very different caliber among them one of Frank Zander´s early records (together with his group The Q), arguably one of Berlin´s most well-known Pop/Rock musician. Because it was a very local label I suspect Bernhard Frank was indeed from Berlin. The rather primitive sleeve sure didn´t help selling his music. So far I couldn´t find out much about him. Mario bought the record many years ago but had no information about it either. Just like many unknown artists and groups that I featured here before, Bernhard Frank´s  full story remains to be told.

Liebesmelodie is a strong rocker with a catchy melody, driving drums and tambourine, great guitar break and lots of yeah yeah yeah. Amazing!

Boy und Girl is somewhat more pop-ish but again with a wonderful guitar break. Two brilliant Berlin Beat songs! Yeah!!!

BERNHARD FRANK & DIE RAKETEN, Liebesmelodie, 1965



3 Comments on “BERNHARD FRANK & DIE RAKETEN, Liebesmelodie, 1965”

  1. michaelvee says:

    floored indeed! both sides are beauty –unbelievable there’s no info an Bernhard, not even a mention in HJ Klitsch’s unbeatable Shakin’ all Over… I wonder if you’ll come up with more gems of him.. thanks a lot for great moments


  2. masked marauder says:

    another golden triumph for the mysterious godfather of Deutsch-Beat! Mr. Frank obviously was some kind of restless nomad, as he never stayed long enough with one label to do a follow-up there. Great cover too…

  3. masked marauder says:

    Red alert!!! Bernhard Frank Alarm auf Prae-Kraut Vol. 20. Unreleased ’65 track recorded for südfunk stuttgart weekly show mittwochsparty. don’t miss “Meine kleine Sue” A real killer…

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