ZOFFY, 1984

Just like the Judy Ongg 45 I bought this record in a Berlin second hand record store a while back. I didn´t know what it was and only picked it up because it was cheap. It is the theme song for the Japanese animation series Zoffy. Apart from the video here I´ve never seen it but this sure looks like I would enjoy seeing a whole episode.

Zoffy seems to be one of the characters in the Ultraman series. Here´s Zoffy fighting a couple of monsters in an episode called Zoffy vs. Tyrant:

I bet there could be a lot more to know about Zoffy but for the moment I don´t really feel like exploring the subject. Thankfully there are some people who like to share their knowledge:

ZOFFY, Side 1, 1984

ZOFFY, Side 2, 1984


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