SEPP VIELLECHNER, Jodel-Beat No.1, 1967

jodel-beat-frontjodel-beat-backjodel-beat-labelOdd German records preferably with cartoon sleeves: I thought that I had a pretty narrow focus when I started this blog and that I would run out of material sooner or later but it seems that I always find new stuff that I´ve never seen before. Like this record that I bought last week in a local thrift store. It looks like it was made for  Berlin Beatet Bestes.

The gouache cartoon on the sleeve, executed by an unknown artist, is not exactly brilliant but  I like the bold and fast brush work. Although a Beatle with Lederhosen would´ve been even better…

Jodel On A String is a yodel version of Puppet On A String backed by a typical Oom-pah band. Jodel-Beat No.1 was Sepp Viellechner´s one and only effort at mixing his yodeling with beat music before returning to his Bavarian folk music. He still performs occasionally today.

This is Jodel-Beat No.1! … He´s a red hot Beat-Yodeler! … This is the original Sauerkraut-Beat! … Mountain-Beat and Sauerkraut, come on Tony kiss´n´ shout!  … Sauerkraut´n´sugar sweet, mountain baby Polka-Beat! … Leberkäs´n´discotheque, Tony, Tony kiss´n´shake! …

It´s lovely…

SEPP VIELLECHNER, Jodel-Beat No.1, 1967

SEPP VIELLECHNER, Jodel On A String, 1967

2 Comments on “SEPP VIELLECHNER, Jodel-Beat No.1, 1967”

  1. Chelas says:

    Gracias Andreas.

    Hay muy buena selección sobre todo los grupos españoles.

    Saludos desde España

  2. bart says:

    this is great. running across this just when i did in writing second yodel book and working on chapters to do with swiss / german / austrian yodeling! this insanity is welcome relief from the insanity of the volkstumlich schlagers!!

    thanx again,

    Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo: The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World

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