HANNE WIEDER, Enthüllungen einer Striptease-Tänzerin, 1962

This record has been in my records-waiting-to-be-posted-box since I started this blog. Great German night club music by comedian, singer and actress Hanne Wieder (1925 – 1990).  In 2001 Bear Family released a CD of her 1960´s material that strangely left out this record.

Enthüllungen einer Striptease-Tänzerin ( Revelations of a Striptease Dancer)  is from the German film Schneewittchen und die 7 Gaukler ( Snow White and the 7 Jugglers). It came out on DVD a couple of years ago , here´s a little segment. I haven´t seen the film or I just can´t seem to remember seeing it on television. I looks like a fun film.

This is a caricature of  Hanne Wieder from a Lupo Modern comic book from 1965.

Hanne Wieder also played along  popular German actors Lieselotte Pulver and Hans Clarin in Das Spukschloß im Spessart in 1960:

In this scene she plays one of the green ghosts that turns blue :

HANNE WIEDER, Enthüllungen einer Striptease-Tänzerin, 1962

HANNE WIEDER, Ein Neanderthaler, 1962


5 Comments on “HANNE WIEDER, Enthüllungen einer Striptease-Tänzerin, 1962”

  1. Bob says:

    How to say flabbergasted auf Deutsch ?!

  2. Troy McClure says:

    I’m currently reading a book in english called “The Miracle Years: A Cultural History of West Germany, 1949-1968” which is a collection of essays about this time in this part of what is now Germany. The top film clip reminds me of that book. After such a black bombed out period there was suddenly so much new stuff that people could buy and they could begin to forget the wartime. Suddenly there was exploding popular culture and consumer goods. It must have been a very strange time to go from inflation of the 1920’s through fascism and total war with all the destruction, then into this “Americanization” of total consumption, at least in the West part. I think people coming out of all that must have had confused identities; at least that is how it seemed to me when I talked to “adult” Germans who left for the USA, parents of my friends in the States.

  3. mischalke04 says:

    flabbergasted auf Deutsch: verblüfft, entgeistert, platt sein, völlig von den Socken…


  4. mischalke04 says:

    Incidentally the book Berlin bei Nacht , that I posted some illustrations from further below, mentions West-Germany´s americanization but the author also writes that he unconsciously missed that in Berlin. Berlin in the 50´s still maintained the charm of the 1920´s. He assumes that was because of the Berlin people themselves.
    But Germans still have confused identities today. At least I have. We will always be the bad guys who killed 6 million jews. The uncool guys who cannot rock for the life of them. When it really comes down to it we´re still better at being strict and precise than to reeeeally let loose of our emotions. It´s not in our temperament. I think we still need more americanization. Less Merzedes Benz and more MAD magazine…

  5. Troy McClure says:

    I think you could possibly say that Berlin is like a separate country within Germany. At least that is what some of my friends in Sweden told me who visited there. There was a good film which I recommend, from 2008, called “Eine Frau in Berlin” about the occupation of the city by Russian troops in 1945. I obviously wasn’t there but the film seemed ‘real’ to me. It was based on a woman’s memoirs.

    I have a theory that people all over the planet are pretty much the same. The differences in culture etc. are real, but are trivial, in the grand scheme of human history. When you look at how we all came out of Africa just a few million years ago, how we have only had civilization and agriculture in the last few thousand years, we have a lot to learn and far to go, if we don’t destroy ourselves first. But yes, we ALL could use more MAD Magazine, and also more music and art and less bloodshed. That goes for every culture on the planet.

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