HANS DER SACHSE, Striptease Paula, 1968

“Paul the Saxon” is singing sleazy  songs in an awful fake saxon dialect. Striptease Paula is simply describing the stripteasing Paula. The b-side Wunschtraum eines Halbstarken ( A Teenagers Pipe Dream) is equally sleazy.

Sounds pretty bad, so why have I collected three versions of this record? Because I am a collector and sometimes I collect out of  habit, like, oh, I´ve got one of these, so I see  another version of  it in a thrift store and I buy it and then I´ll find a third version and I just can´t let it pass either and besides that these are pretty odd privately pressed German adult records.

They are just not good records…

HANS DER SACHSE, Striptease Paula, 1968

HANS DER SACHSE, Wunschtraum eines Halbstarken, 1968

This red label pressing seems to be the same guy as Hans der Sachse but in a previous recording. But who knows…

PETER GÜNTER, Striptease-Paula, 1968

PETER GÜNTER, Wunschtraum eines Halbstarken, 1968

These pressings have the titles stamped onto the white labels. Sounds like yet another version. Wunschtraum is pretty scratched up…

Striptease Paula, 1968

Wunschtraum eines Halbstarken, 1968


4 Comments on “HANS DER SACHSE, Striptease Paula, 1968”

  1. Troy McClure says:

    One more interesting thing about Striptease as a format, and listening to Gene Vincent’s original 1956 group doing “Five Feet of Lovin’ ” reminded me of this.

    I think the best rock ‘n roll beat laid down by the drums is a burlesque sound: a steady ‘thump’ ‘thump’ THUMP sound. Drummer D.J. Fontana, Elvis’ original drummer, said in an interview basically the same thing, that he knew how to play a strip club beat and that’s what he used when Elvis, Scotty, Bill and D.J. used to tour all over in 1956: a burlesque drumbeat. Elvis would work that beat with a grinding gyration that drove the girls MAD. It was great! Those guys didn’t invent it, but they knew how to use it, and it really got a great sound across in live shows.

    I just love good strip club music as it is the Beat that I care the most about, not the words. Just lay down that jungle beat and you’ve got the best rock ‘n roll there is, the words could be nonsense and it doesn’t matter.

  2. WETZEL says:

    ich such dringen den text striptease pauzla von hans sachs erbitte schnelle hilfe danke

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Da Google den Text offensichtlich nicht von allein ausspuckt schlage ich vor: direkt hier auf einen der blau markierten Links klicken, den Song anhören und den Text selbst abschreiben. Schneller geht´s nicht.

  4. BertaBunz says:

    Könntest Du evtl. auf der Herrenparty-Version (grünes Label) mal nach der Matrix-Nummer sehen und hier posten? Sollte die Matrix-Nummer eine Zeichenfolge in der Art “BZ 223” enthalten, müsste diese Version nämlich 1967 erschienen sein. Anhand des internen BZ-Zeichens lässt sich das Erscheinungsjahr einfach feststellen.

    Vertrieben wurde das Herrenparty-Label zumindest teilweise/größtenteils von Bellaphon.


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