“HANDSOME” JIM BALCOM, Corrido Rock, 1958

“Handsome” Jim Balcom´s Corrido Rock, a great super-fast saxophone driven instrumental rocker,  hit #59 in Cash Box Magazine in March 1958. That same week Googie Rene´s Wiggle-Tail , another fine instrumental Rock´n´Roll song, was # 60. But more decisive was # 1 : Tequila by the Champs. One of the most famous saxophone driven instrumental Rock´n´Roll songs of all time.

Corrido Rock still is… well,  a great super-fast saxophone driven instrumental rocker…

“HANDSOME” JIM BALCOM, Corrido Rock Part 1, 1958

“HANDSOME” JIM BALCOM, Corrido Rock Part 2, 1958


13 Comments on ““HANDSOME” JIM BALCOM, Corrido Rock, 1958”

  1. hanst says:

    Good rock instrumental, a little bit like the Champs. Thank you!

  2. waw5114 says:

    Thank You/
    A Great Instrumental Song.

  3. Jennifer L. Ibarra says:

    Funny I didn’t even think I would find anything on Jim Balcom or the song “Corrido Rock” except for another site directing me to Art Laboe’s “Memories of El Monte”. As a child I actually knew Jim Balcom. He was very good friends with my (my mother’s eldest brother) Bill Burrola. Bill Burrola was in fact the saxophone player. The correct name of the band was “The Handsome Jim Balcom and The Shades of Rythm”.

  4. mischalke04 says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your information and memories.
    Sadly currently there is not much to be found about Jim Balcom, no biographical information, no photo and no discography.

    Corrido Rock is in fact available on the CD “Art Laboe’s Memories Of El Monte: The Roots Of L.A.’s Rock And Roll”

  5. Jennifer (Balcom) Wernick says:

    Jim Balcom was my father, email me with any questions, I will be happy to answer.

  6. Joan Rogers says:

    I went to school with a Jim Balcom (yes he was handsome). He played sax for school dances at Narbonne High in Lomita, CA. same one? In the 50’s.
    Joan Rogers

  7. Robert G. Perrin says:

    I purchased this record in 1958, and I still have it and play it from time to time. I have never seen a picture of “Handsome” Jim Balcom, but if he looks as look as his music, he is indeed handsome!

  8. Lupe Esparza Phillips says:

    Hi Jennifer, was very surprised to find this site. I noticed you said was when referring to your father. My Sister and I were known as the petites and sang with the local Orange County bands, one day we were playing at a dance in Long Beach for a car club at the Morgan Hall when a guy approched us and asked if we wanted to audition forArt Laboe and gave us a card to call. We ended up singing with all the big name groups of that time including Ray Charles.We often rehearsed at your Dads house in Lomita. Would love to communicate with you.
    Lupe Esparza Phillips

  9. Joan Stouffer says:

    After searching around, I find that “Handsome Jim Balcom” was indeed the Jim Balcom, who, with his brother Orville, played great dance music at high school events and local dances. I still have a picture of them playing their saxaphones along with someone else I can’t remember. I graduated from Narbonne Hi in 1959. I read of Orville’s death in ’08 I believe. A shame. Sounded like a really great guy.

    What is Jim doing these days? He must have entered his 70’s by now as I have. Thanks for keeping me posted. Joan Rogers

  10. Jerry Lee Luithle says:

    I would love to see a picture of him. I grew up listening to Corrido Rock on Dads RCA counsole. I too am a musician, and to hear just a little history from you guys is so interesting (I grew up & live in Long Beach). More discussion please! Let’s jump! peace xo

  11. Bill Farley says:

    I graduated from Banning HS in Wilmington in 1955. I knew both Jim and Orville first as two guys who ran a 1950 Oldsmobile (??) on fuel at Lions Dragstrip in Dominguez now Carson. A little fuzzy but I think they both attended Harbor JC..

    The official track photographer was Jim Kelly.His pix were published in Drag News and there may be pix of both Jim and Orville or the car in the archives.

    La Corrida needed just the boost they gave it.

  12. Bette Boyd says:

    How lovely to find this site. I went to high school with and dated handsome Jim Balcom.
    Later, 28 years later, we married. Sadly, he died in 2008 of brain cancer. My name at
    Narbonne was Bette Boyd

  13. Sharon Monroe says:

    Nice to read the comments from the old Gauchos of Narbonne High. I too remember Orville, Jim and Judy and dancing to the Shades of Rhythm. I still have the 45 rpm. record.First time I heard (and danced to) Corrido Rock was in Costa Mesa. They were the reason we went there. I didn’t live very far from them. Sharon Monroe

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