Sorry, no new records today.

On Tuesday my hard drive completely broke down. Today I´ll have to buy a new hard drive and re-install things like Photoshop and WavePad, the program I use for digitizing.  I hope I can get it fixed quick but I´m no computer expert so it´ll take a while.


4 Comments on “Sorry, no new records today.”

  1. Albert says:

    oh, that’s tuff Andreas, I’ll hope you’ll be back online


  2. Another Player says:

    Sorry to hear. Sometimes you can recover a drive’s contents by using SpinRite or Hard Disk Regenerator. Not connected with them, just trying to help.

    Their links are:

    Hope your recovery goes well.

  3. Vova says:

    what a disaster! hope you overcome it soon

  4. mischalke04 says:

    Doesn´t look like it, at least not very soon. I bought a new hard drive but it still won´t work. There is still a glimpse of hope…

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