PAUL WÜRGES, Weit im Süden in New Orleans, 1960

Just to show that there actually was some good German rock´n´roll in the 50´s here´s   Paul Würges cover version of Freddy Cannon´s Way Down Yonder In New Orleans.

Bear Family Records re-released his 50´s sides in 1980: Paul Würges mit seinen Rocking All Stars – Der deutsche Bill Haley. I bought that LP when it came out ( along with a Billy Sanders LP)  and really loved it then and I still do today. It includes one of the rare cases of a German cover version of  a rockabilly classic: Billy Eldridge´s  Let´s Go Baby from 1959.  Paul Würges must have heard it in one of  the GI-clubs that he played in the South of Germany.

Paul Würges original 45´s are quite hard to find and fetch high prices if they turn up on Ebay. I found this beat-up copy in a thrift-store some years ago and took it just because it was cheap and I will probably not get another copy that easily…

PAUL WÜRGES, Weit im Süden in New Orleans (Way Down Yonder In New Orleans), 1960


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