TED´S ROCK´N´ROLL BAND, Tutti Frutti, 1956

Before I´ll get to this week´s posts I´d like to let you know about a book and DVD of a fellow collector. Ralf Wenzel from Kassel recently finished putting together a pretty impressive and complete overview of the Klingende Post advertisement records.  I posted a bunch of those last January and later helped out Ralf with some high-resolution scans and music files. He also made a nice website:  www.die-klingende-post.de

(Das erste Buch über die Geschichte der Klingende Post Werbeschallplatten, liebevoll geschrieben und zusammengestellt von Ralf Wenzel, ist soeben erschienen. Die dazugehörige Klingende Post Webseite ist ebenfalls sehr gelungen und übersichtlich. Ohne so sympathische Verrückte wie Ralf, die auch an den Rändern der Popmusik wandeln und diese Ränder so wichtig nehmen, wäre die ganze Popmusik nichts. Irgendwann wandert schließlich alles mal an den Rand.

Das Buch gibt es sogar in zwei Versionen: als DVD (Buch im PDF-Format mit Musikteil und klassisch auf  gedrucktem Papier. Einfach mal anschauen: www.die klingende-post.de

Ein kleiner Text von mir über die Klingende Post erschien am 18. Februar 2010 in der Wochenzeitung Jungle World, nachzulesen Online hier.)

(Teenager cartoons by Kurt Klamann from Taschen-Eulenspiegel magazine Nr.23, 1961 and Nr.40, 1962 published by Eulenspiegel-Verlag, East-Berlin)

I had a bunch of German rock´n´roll records put together to post before my computer suddenly went kaputt two weeks ago, so here they are now .  I got this record from my grandparents when I was 14 years old in 1980 , I guess it  must have belonged to one of my aunts or uncles.

Tutti Frutti is  probably one of the worst German rock´n´roll cover songs from the 50´s although this budget version recorded for the Opera label, sounds even better than the original version by Peter Kraus , our German Pat Boone. It´s so bad it´s funny, still cracks me up after all these years.

” So geht´s jede Nacht bis morgens um acht, RRRRack´n´RRRRohll hat uns veRRRRRRückt gemacht.”

TED´S ROCK´N´ROLL BAND, Tutti Frutti, 1956

7 Comments on “TED´S ROCK´N´ROLL BAND, Tutti Frutti, 1956”

  1. Troy McClure says:


    In assembling my Hamburg Beatles material, I have a CD from Allan Williams, the Beatles’ first manager (signed by him and sent to me). He talks about going over to Hamburg alone in 1960 the first time to check out the club scene and he goes into a club where he hears the WORST version of “Tutti Frutti” that he ever heard, sung by a band in one of the clubs, in German and sung very mechanically, like it was a death march. So I looked for something in my German rock ‘n roll stuff and couldn’t find any tune to mix with that in the story—until now!

    Thanks Andy. That version will work just fine.
    -Troy McClure

  2. mischalke04 says:

    We need to visit the Reeperbahn and Grosse Freiheit together sometime. A lot of the architecture is still the same. And like I wrote before, in the 60´s the sailors, the rockers and the pimps were always ready for a fight, making St.Pauli a dangerous place. Today it´s the thousands of youth from the outskirts looking for fun and trouble. The Beatles might have been dead for a long time but the Reeperbahn is still exploding every weekend…

  3. mychael conaway says:

    this is the strongest blog i have ever heard! this is the collection par excellence! german takes of 60’s music are so good, i hope i don’t die before i get to hear everything you put up!
    from southern california. we had a foreign exchange student from germany in the 60’s on our block.

  4. mischalke04 says:

    You´re kidding! I dig the weirdness of this version of “Tutti Frutti”but nothing can touch Little Richard and LaVern Baker. I know a lot of older German Collectors who really are into German rock´n´roll and I do have a soft spot in my heart for it myself but most of it still SUCKS!

  5. Troy McClure says:

    Gee, I don’t mean to lurk here, but I can’t help noticing the Southern Californian, because I too am a native of Southern California (Palos Verdes) in the early sixties. My first memories are of the fantastic music played on KRLA and KHJ back then, and the surf instrumental music from there which is indescribably great. We had exiled Europeans in our neighborhood too, drawn to the Mediterranean climate I suppose. They used to sunbathe topless in their back yard, something my parents were shocked about, but I find amusing–my poor square parents. California had some of the best rock ‘n roll even in the fifties, with Ritchie Valens and Eddie Cochran recording there, and later Dick Dale down in Orange County. So I think California is rich in rock ‘n roll, even punk from LA which was great in the early eighties.

    Germany I think sucked originally, but by the time of Kraftwerk they had some great music. Today you even find some better surf music out of Germany. It has completely changed in my opinion, from the days when it had to import “real” rock ‘n rollers to get the music.

  6. Albert says:

    Great post Andreas, and very cool “halbstarken” music. Just enjoying here, and I will inform my father in law, about your site. He was a “halbstarke” in Emden, late 1950’s, early 1960’s.


  7. mischalke04 says:

    Likewise, your recent Kay Starr post is really cool. I wish I had those promos when I played some of her records a while back when I did the radio show. Would have fitted perfectly. But you are posting such a lot of good music it´s hard to keep track. Thanks.

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