JOE DIXIE UND DIE PING-PONGS, Ein,zwei, drei kleine Mädchen, 1949

Ein, zwei, drei kleine Mädchen is again inspired by the Andrews Sisters while Louise is a nice swinging instrumental tune.

I don´t know anything about the group so here´s something completely different instead but from the same time period and also from Berlin. Kolibri was one of the many new German pin-up and cartoon magazines that were appearing out of the woodwork after 1945.

(Kobold magazine, no.8, March 1949)

Incidentally kind of fitting because it is March and Springtime is slowly approaching, although it did snow here yesterday, but the snow didn´t stay: Märzveilchen (sweet violet) illustration by Heinz Musculus for a poem by Erich Kästner:

Perspektiven illustration by Heinz Musculus

Pralinen (sweets) illustration/collage by H.Lucas

Buchstäbliches (literally taken) illustration by Hans Kleefeld

Selbsthilfe (self help) comic strip by Pit

Illustrations by Heinz Musculus for a fictious short story by Karl Bianga about a young couple arguing in the kitchen and the history of jazz in New York city. I know it does sound kind of strange and it really doesn´t make any sense but that´s what the story is. Pretty cool, I guess the writer was a jazz fan and could get away with anything at Kobold magazine.

Just like Heinz Musculus:

Add for Edkaludon perfume

There are simply too many great illustrations in these Kobold magazines, at least I really like them, and I´m tempted to scan in all of the 58 pages. Some of the cartoonists continued to work into the 50´s others dissapeared. The years right after the war were a time of great turmoil and disorder in Germany and as a period were largely ignored by later Generations ( including me for the longest time) as opposed to the 1950´s who were supposedly cooler.

Well here´s two pretty cool German songs from the 40´s:

JOE DIXIE UND DIE PING-PONGS, Ein,zwei, drei kleine Mädchen, 1949



One Comment on “JOE DIXIE UND DIE PING-PONGS, Ein,zwei, drei kleine Mädchen, 1949”

  1. Die Zeichen sind tatsaechlich hervorragend, aber persoenlich habe wirklich das Gedicht von Kaestner geliebt!
    Ich finde genial die Meisterhaftigkeit, mit der diese Unentschlossenheit -so zu sagen- dieses Saisons umfasst…

    Schoenste Gruesse aus der eben Vorfruehlinge Athen!

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