DRAGO PETAN, Joe und Rosemarie, 1964

I have no information about Drago Petan but the name sounds like it could be Slovenian. Recorded for the small local Berlin independent label Metropol that still exists today. Joe und Rosemarie is a typical German cowboy song. Written by Fred Oldörp of  The 3 Travellers. The flip is about homesickness and sounds a little more authentic than those Freddy tear-jerkers.

I bought this last week in a thrift store and frankly only for the sleeve. I´m still searching for the slop records that are listed on the back. Akki Hamann´s  Slop in Bahia/ Hallo Mr. Lover sounds kinda cool…

DRAGO PETAN, Joe und Rosemarie, 1964

DRAGO PETAN, So wie´s zu Hause war, 1964

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