MIKE ROGER AND HIS MACHINE GUNS, Dance the slop with me, 1963

I´ve had this record for a long time but only last week I found another one of Mike Roger 45´s so it makes sense to post them together.  The German Rock´n´Roll Records Forum had the Mike Roger story a while back so I will only copy from what they wrote. Mike Roger´s real name was Hermann Glöckler and he was from Nürnberg, Bavaria. His backing band the Machine Guns were actually a Indo-Rock group, Indonesian born musicians from Holland. Let´s Slop hit #10 of the German charts in 1963, making Mike Roger briefly the German “King Of The Slop”.

The small Abanola label was started by a friend of  Mike Roger, Heinz Schiegl, because he loved the group so much. They shortly ran into legal trouble with Ariola who threatened to sue them because of the similarity of the name and was then changed into Abanori. The change hurt the sales of the follow-up Veedeboom Slop Slop but at least Tony Sheridan recorded a version of that song for Polydor.

Mike Roger later  recorded for Ariola and Polydor himself, but to little success. He continued to play the local scene until his death in 1980. A privately pressed LP of his hits was released posthumously in 1984.

So here´s Mr. Slop from Germany: Mike Roger and the Machine Guns!

“Come on baby make me happy, Come on tanz den Slop mit mir!”


MIKE ROGER AND HIS MACHINE GUNS, Dance the slop with me, 1963



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