A mixed bag of records this week: Polish beat, British beat, the (German) king of the slop, communist propaganda, private weirdness and some of the usual Berlin-related music. Most of them I found in the last two weeks. I have a whole box of old records that are still waiting to be posted but fresh finds always seem a little more interesting.

As you noticed I finally found out how to install the little audio player that WordPress offers. It only took me three  years to learn how to use a simple HTML shortcode. Still I´m quite proud of myself for that because I learned it without the help of others. All by myself! I also now use Dropbox  for file sharing because it seems that my other hosts will soon  run out of bandwidth again this month. But Dropbox works just the same as the others.

This is probably the best song this week, the Chancellors from Manchester on the Swiss Elite Special label. I found it last week  in a local thrift store for one Euro. It looks pretty beat-up and there´s a little hiss in the first ten seconds but besides that it plays pretty good. The drum-intro on My Girl copies the Rivieras California Sun but its a whole different song.

A great fast-paced rocker!


THE CHANCELLORS, Jenny Jenny, 1965

2 Comments on “THE CHANCELLORS, My Girl, 1965”

  1. Ajax says:

    I have the DJ copy of CHANCELLORS MY GIRL/JENNY JENNY on USA label ,do you think it is worth putting on Ebay. THANKS AJAX

  2. mischalke04 says:

    I´m sorry but I have no idea, I don´t buy or sell on Ebay. All I can say is, that I think it´s a great little record.

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